Wednesday, December 31, 2008

09 is a "B.I.G."year (Happy New Year)

It's only hours away. We are nine years into the 21st century. I always look forward to new years. It gives you a chance to reflect on the last one, and anything you could change for the better. And then, you make the adjustments for the coming year. That's what I intend to do , in almost every aspect I need to improve on (not many things..). Happy New Year and look for bigger things for the blog (which will soon become a website, and then a business).

'teef ( Notorious will start the new year off right hopefully).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still Here I am

Yes I am. I'm not leaving, at least not when the inaugural year is upon us . I'll be here, a lot is going on, got another Damn in the works (Starring Shawn Kemp). And I will finish the best Centers in the league to cap off the player positions. There's more kicks I have for sale as well (see below) contact me if your interested, as most of them are at flight club but I can always settle for a less inflated price than over there. All kick are kept in great condition and ready to wear all un-worn of course but this is the Internet, so I have to say that. ( gotta make room for '09 its going to be a big year for kicks).

Air Maestro ( 94'red all star) sz. 10 & 10.5
Air jordan IV retro ( mars edition original red versions sz 10.5)
Zoom kobe 1 ( black maize quickstrike versions and the blackout black purple version both sizes 10.5)
Air Jordan VII retro Cardinal color ( will send pics because slight yellowing)
Air Force 180 retro ( Barkley's original black royal blue red version's) sz. 10.5 and 11
Dunk Low SB's ( High hair version's for the SB heads, sz 10.5)
A lot more to mention but I'm tired of typing so if your looking for something I can help, contact me.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Anything Is Possible!!! (Best PF's In NBA)

1. Kevin Garnett (Celtics, 19,9,4) A career 20, 10 and 5 player. add defensive player of the year to his resume, add 10 all star appearances, add an MVP. And now, add NBA champion.

2. Tim Duncan( Spurs 20, 10) Probably the best power forward of all time but now has to share the lime light with that man above him. Still has at least one more run at the championship in him, ( as long ans Manu and TP stay healthy). A handful of tiles and MVP awards will keep him up in the top two or three.

3. Amare Stoudemire ( Suns, 25,8) The most athletic power Forward in the league, has improved his defense and shot blocking, as well as his mid range J and his free throws. the good thing about him is he still hasn't reached his prime, still improving. Should improve his rebounding ( never averaged 10 boards a game in a season) The all-star game's in phoenix will make the team (barring injury).

4. Carlos Boozer (Jazz 21, 10) A great strong low post threat, now much more consistent and that 's why he has made the all-star team. Can be a better defender but does he want to commit that energy on both sides of the court?

5. Rasheed Wallace ( Pistons, 18,8, 2blocks) Great on both sides of the court can command a double team on any part of the court. A great 3 pt shooter (the best on this list, sorry dirk), as well as a great shot blocker. And has a good post up game.

6. Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks 23,7) Stock has fallen as the years have progressed. still the best shooting PF, but mot the best 3pt shooting PF ( the man above him). A good rebounder, an ok defender. Seems to loose his killer instinct in the playoffs can he get it back and return to the finals?

7. David West (Hornets 22,8) A confident scorer and rebounder. has not reached his peak can hit clutch shots and a great free throw shooter. A decent defender will be an all star again. Can he help get the hornets to the finals?

8. Elton Brand (sixers 20,10) Consistent, you know what you're going to get. a decent defender and shot blocker will make the sixers better but not known as a clutch forward. Who will the sixers give the ball to when the games on the line??

9. Antawn Jamison (Wizards, 18, 7) A capable scorer who can rebound pretty good. A more versatile forward, who can put the ball on the floor, but not the best ball handling forward in the game.

10. Zach Rnadolph ( Clippers 18,10) A decent shot, great rebounder, not a great defender. Somewhat consistant (though Knick fans may disagree). A decent post game, as well as a good free throw shooter.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best SF's in the NBA

Just Watch

1. LeBron James (Cavs- 30,7,7) Unmatched speed and strength can literally play all positions, (except for maybe center) Perennial all-star, ok jumper un-guardable inside the foul line, the standard for years to come. Zoom lebron VI above just released ($140) " 'Girl Don't pump fake me' now!" (Business Lebron)

2. Paul Pierce (Celtics 22,6,3) Finals MVP, now has a killer instinct, always had a jump shot and a 3 pt shot, has his game peaked??

3. Josh Smith (Hawks 19,7, 3.3 blocks) You shocked? You shouldn't be his stock has risen every year. He should be an all-star, he can literally do it all. He usually leads the league in blocks or is a very close second. He is un-guardable when close to the basket.

4. Shawn Marion (Heat, Matrix 19,10,3) Still underrated (will loose some touches with B-easy there) still a great rebounder for his position. Can guard anyone on the floor, a decent shooter as well.

5. Ron Artest (Rockets 19,5,3) Will be better as a rocket. Can give them scoring ,can stop the opposing teams best player, can he give them a title?

6. Hedo Turkoglo (Magic 18,6,6) Will be an all star before his career is over(if he keeps up those numbers). Can shoot from anywhere on the floor, lacks on the defensive end, not a clutch performer, but does have the confidence to take the final shot.

7. Lamar Odom (Lakers 16,9,6) Still the best ball handling forward in the league ( sorry Lebron). Can pass, can score, knows the game very well. Can he still make the all-star team before his career is over?

8. Tayshawn Prince (Pistons 15, 4,3) Probably the second best defending forward ( behind the NYC native), an NBA champion , decent shooter has his game peaked as well? We'll just have to wait and find out.

9. Richard Jefferson (Bucks 22,4,3) Sad to see him go but he still will play above the rim in Wisconsin. A good J but better closer to the basket. A great finisher, needs to work on his defense.

10. Caron Butler (Wizards 18, 6,3) Couldn't leave him off the list. Has the confidence and the strength to get to anywhere he wants on the court. A decent defender as well as a good rebounder. Will probably make another all-star team.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

NBA Guards (who shoot)

My top ten Shooting guards (not gonna say much this post speaks for itself.... as well as that mask above me).

1. Kobe Bryant (Black Mamba), relentless scorer, best scorer in NBA, MVP of the league plays on both sides of court, (offensive and defense). 3X NBA champion. Literally unguardable, can score anywhere on court. Ultimate, confident clutch performer. Plays with strength lives with honor.

2. Dwayne Wade (Flash), Relentless scorer, plays defense, open court master. 3pt shooting flawed, will return with a vengeance again this season. Quick first step, good passer, pure scorer. Clutch performer. NBA champion.

3. Tracy McGrady (T-Mac), Another pure scorer, injuries have slowed him down; can score from anywhere on floor, ok defender, decent passer. Clutch performer.

4. Allen Iverson (The Answer), Age hasn’t slowed him down, quick first step, can score from anywhere in the paint, MVP, clutch performer, ok passer, superb defender, ultimate slasher, great body control.

5. Ray Allen (ray-ray) NBA Champion, best shooter in the NBA Period (sorry Nash), lethal 3pt shooter, improved defender, decent passer, puts the “shooting” in shooting guard, all rhythm no blues.

6. Vince Carter (Vinsanity; Half man-Half Amazing), great scorer, decent passer, unmatched- air time and body control, decent clutch performer, decent 3pt shooter. On the decline though, hopefully his health will hold up as he gets older.

7. Emanuel Ginobili (Manu), Fearless slasher, great defender, clutch performer, good shooter, unmatched driving confidence, could be more durable. NBA champion. Should come back this season with a vengeance.

8. Richard Hamilton (RIP), unmatched stamina, Good scorer, good defender, NBA champion, only couple good seasons, can be slowed down, a great jump shooter in the game. Not a 3pt threat.

9. Ben Gordon (BG), still a bright future, decent passer, developing clutch performer, great jump shot, good 3pt shooter, will be an all-star, decent defender.

10. Joe Johnson (JJ) another breakout year, great scorer, lethal 3pt shooter, decent jump shot, good passer, point guard handling skills, all-star. Not a clutch performer, bad defender, prone to injury.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Damn. (Starring Penny Hardaway)

A new piece I just call just "damn"; this one involves Anfernee "Penny Hardaway". Just a couple of lines and then some pics. No more . No Less. (Air penny 2 retro out now both colors $135-140 price range)

Will be Back with the shooting guard ranks ( I didn't forget just been busy).

Saturday, October 18, 2008

And Here....... We............Go

2nd annual top Ten at their position. Its been a long time coming for this. There have been some significant changes on this list. I've had to sit down and think objectively who is in the top ten because the PG position is getting deeper than you think. Red Rose. We all know how it goes I'll post 'em and you can debate 'em but the list doesn't lie Here they are:

1. Chris Paul, Hornets (20,11&5, can get anywhere on the floor, a game changer decent clutch performer will be an MVP when his career is done, and doesn't turn the ball over).

2. Baron Davis, Clippers (20,8&4, yes he's still on the rise he should've been an all star he should get his due this year hopefully, sorry Roy. A relentless speed and power combination, has not faded at all. Great passer, streaky shooter but he is capable of leading the league in scoring and assists ,yes i said it.)

3. Steve Nash, Suns (18&10, still good but fading naturally, his minutes will go down but the production will still be there, he is a HOFer now. He's been dropping 18&11 for about 4 straight seasons, that's pretty productive).

4. Jason Kidd, Mavs (10,10,6 still good as well, still can run the floor, always a floor general, was a little exposed in the playoffs to the man on the throne, but he will have another solid full year with the Mavs.)

5. Deron Williams, Jazz (18&10Still rising, as good as Paul but not the floor leader he is, where Paul is quick Deron is strong, sometimes turns the ball over though, can he get the Jazz over the hump this year?)

6.Tony Parker, Spurs (16&6 The fastest guard in the league sorry Leandro, decent shooter, decent passer has been to the big dance before but has he reached his peak? Will he elevate his game?)

7. Gilbert Arenas, Wizards ( 25&6 when healthy he's a top five player in the league he's here because of his relentless ability to score, not really a PG though).

8. Chauncey Billups, Pistons (16&7 A solid PG almost as strong as B-Diddy but a better shooter, kind of forgotten with all the Paul, Williams talk but can you blame us?)

9. Mike Bibby, Hawks (15&6 might rise in the rankings with all those wing players at his disposable, his assists will go up, and the hawks wins will go up with him there. Just as he did in Sacramento, they were a Bobby Horry heave away from the finals, actually a referee away my bad.)

10. Andre Miller, Sixers ( Lost but not forgotten, the sixers were good because they have someone to distribute the ball and with brand, miller and Iggi they will be a legit playoff team, miller plays a bigger role than you think.)

I will explain more in-depth next post, SG's are next.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Top Ten Best NBA players At their Position Coming Soon

I'm working on it as we speak, (well.... as I speak) a lot of movement coming into the new season. Players have stepped up and solidified themselves as the top players at their position. I'm a big NBA fan (always have been) I give respect when respect is due. A number of people have sent me emails explaining why a player should be #1 not#2 on my list. I've got no prob with that, but this is based on a number of things that they do to make them great at their position (point guards handle the team, power forwards and centers hold down the paint etc). All NBA players at a point in their lives were great basketball players, but then there's the best of the best. Ive broken them down to just top ten. I've got a question, who's the best player in the NBA? Kobe, Lebron, Paul(Chris not Pierce but his stock has risen as well), nope Scot Pollard people. Scot Pollard...


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chris Pauls New Shoe

Courtesy of who released the picture. They look very similar to the AJ23's but they're definitely better than last year. should be out just in time to go trick or treating in them. Working on the second edition of the top ten best players at their position (See Archives for last year). Players have elevated up into the top ten from last year and players have dropped from the top ten as well. The NBA season is around the corner. Also there's a new house of hoops opening up in LA. Might have to take a trip out there, never been to LA before...

'teef ( If your in the New York City Area Check out Flight Club Greene in NYC.. put some stuff up for sale , Classic Infrared AM 90's size 11, and AJ 7 retro Cardinal 10.5 if you really want them contact me via Email to work on a more suitable price).

Monday, September 15, 2008

Now If You Let Me......

If Your a Lil Wayne Fan (which most of you should be) then you can finish the title.. Things are starting to come together as I speak. Now I'm in talks to design my first official website... Not sure what its going to be called but I have a few ideas. Its gonna cost me but we all know the slogan.... If you don't, then you have to get familiar... Above is the official seal, once I start selling kicks there's not gonna be any product that leaves the vicinity without that seal. Not sure where it will be but it will be there. Be back with CP's new kick.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fifth Annual Blood Drive

Fall's Around the corner, whats the best part of fall? New NBA season ? New Fall gear coming? ( more Jordan hybrids as well as more Countdown packs.) No, Halloween. Yes.. Halloween. If you live in a big city then you know what I'm talking about. There's nothing like seeing people's imagination run wild. America, the place where we celebrate gore and blood and massacre for one day (more like the whole month). To commemorate Next month , Saw is asking everyone to go to your local blood donor and donate blood. It goes to a good cause. On a serious note the film will be released on 10/24. I believe its beginning to become a Halloween tradition. I think shoe companies are starting to look at that as well... stay tuned...


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back In Black

Had a good Vaca. got a lot of rest and things done. But I still have things to do. As I've been mentioning I will start to sell kicks soon ( I'm hoping the holiday season, but hey anything can happen). And I'm also working on some consistent weekly columns( something like freshness of the week, or shoe showcase, I'm thinking so things will work out. Hey I've got a lot of time to perfect it. Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week right? No? Well... how 'bout..... how 'bout.... I'll just stick to perfection.. Above me are the new logos for the New Orleans Hornets, the team of the future. ( And by the way they have two players who are both in the top five at their position, in the NBA). I saw their new jerseys as well, not a big fan of them, they went back to the pin stripes. I liked last years style, but hey its a new season. . Greg Oden 52

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You Gotta Wear Them All (I Would)

He had to do it at least once.... 8/8 That's a good stat , I wanna be 8/8. I wanna be 10/10, I'm ready to kickstart this into gear fall, is America ready? I will be back like a chiroprac-or better yet an escalator in September. But, this interrupted my vaca. Only give respect if it is due. Phelps was due.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Well Deserved

The cover Speaks for itself .......Now..... I'm taking a vacation, will be back with new stuff and new themes to start off year two.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The much anticipated Hyperdunks have been released since I last posted. I went to the HOH(House of hoops for the others) to check them out. I was impressed, for a b-ball shoe they are extremely light but unimpressed when they were sold out of the China edition ones. I guess I had to settle for the USA inspired ones. I'm almost ready to Kick start myself in gear. Stay tuned I will be away for about a week but will still keep a log of things and will be back the second week of August, which is a big month for me and this blog. Stay tuned.... (Tim Donaghy told me USA wins gold...)


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bon Anniversaire!!!

Technically it was yesterday, but I had to think and go back to all the posts I've been doing for the past year. Alotta photos, alotta memories, alotta kicks. There's one post that stood out in my mind. When Kidd got traded back to Dallas, that stood out I was shocked. My favorite post was the one with Lupe (the Album of the year one). My most Important post was the Obama one, my least important one was the Mayweather,Hatton one. Its been a decent year, and now for the next year I'm about to "Kick start" the competition. All Ten-thousand plus who've checked the blog out thanks. Here's what went down for the past year.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Olympic Hopefuls

The Dream Team of 1992, Possibly the greatest team ever assembled. I'd say it was the greatest team ever, just in all of sports. They had everything... heart, determination, leaders, role players (correction HOF role players). They also had the kicks. Those were the hay days of Nike, where everyone was rocking the swoosh (CB14,AJ, Pip, Mr.Rob., Reg, Christian Laettner, hey, he was on the team look it up). That team and their kicks will forever be the greatest. Now this brings me to what your looking at above me. The AJ6 Retro Olympic. At first I thought these were hott but after looking at them compared to other kicks I'd pass on these. If your looking to pick up an Olympic kick, Check out the hyperdunks those are serious. Just ask Mike J. Fox. These are out now.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Could This be a Prelude to the Future??

I'm not a fatalist or anything but sometimes the writings on the wall so to speak... Last week the USA Men's Basketball team visited NYC on their Media Tour, Lebron was greeted with cheers and please play for the Knicks chanting. He didn't seem to have a problem with it, I wonder if Danny Ferry has a problem with that. But then again when someones mind is made up there's no stopping them. Everyone knows how big of a fan Lebron is of NYC, c'mon its the greatest city in the world (I am a NYC native). But then again who will get him? He will be a free agent after next season so he will have many options open for him. There's only two places that can afford him and can elevate his level. There's only one city that can do that to a person NYC. Loving the city you play for is half the battle, just ask Starbury himself. It doesn't matter which borough (BK or Mann) but his star power can only be elevated in the city that never sleeps. Think of the PE's if he were a Knick, the HOH would be bananas. So, could this be a prelude to the future?? Stay tuned....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"The Truth" MVP

An exciting NBA season has come to an end. I don't know if you could call it a fairy tail ending, well if i ask KG he might disagree with me ("ANYTHING IS POSSIBBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"). The west was competitive but the east holds home to the champs. How bout those Hornets, I have a feeling a banner will be hanging in New Orleans very soon. But Andrew Bynum might have something to say about that as well. Would he have made a difference? I'd say no and that's the truth, and I meant that. Paul Pierce wins the finals MVP. I believe he earned it when he rallied his team for that 24 point comeback in LA, in his hometown. He doesn't look fierce but he is a dominant scorer. He got the respect he deserved now. But is he a hall of fame player? I need one more year of him in the playoffs to determine that. But one thing he's getting pretty close. He is a legitimate scorer and clutch performer, and that's the Truth.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Celtics Win Title

Glad to see KG win his first title congrats to the best team in the NBA.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Future is Now....

I know the finals are tonight, I really wanted to talk about them and the kicks they're wearing too (heard some rumors I'll talk about, but look at Kobe's feet tonight). But I just witnessed history in the making, not in the sports world , or in the music world, or in the shoe world. The world of change. The world where without it nothing else can take place. The role models, the real ones like Chuck said. The ones to look up to, finally there is one where youth whether from any place in America can look up to. A role model who looks more like them, you know the ones, where they have to share rooms. Where they have to adjust the antenna on the TV to hear him and see him at the same time. Unfortunate they live there but He brings hope......Change... They have to put the pillow over their head to muffle the parents fighting from outside so they can get up for school. They have a current events project due. What are they gonna do ? They're already ahead of you, its in their Ben 10 book bag. Whats it about? Obama wins Democratic Primary and Clinches the nomination.

America has been asleep for years tossing and turning form this nightmare Bush has put us under. Who will wake us and get us back on our feet ? Obama.... (hopefully) It's nothing he's going for the oval throne as he should.. With the heart of Malcolm... the charisma and bravery of Martin. and the intelligence of himself... Stay Tuned...


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lethal Combination

Have to Mention these guys. Every time I'm in the gym they're on repeat on my I-Pod. If you don't know these guys then get familiar because they will be around for years to come. Gnarles Barkley is they're name, and this is their second album as this duo. If your a fan then you know they were members or their respective groups ( Cee-Lo, a original Hip-hop Goodie Mobb member, and Danger mouse, whose produced all the tracks for this album and the last one "St Elsewhere" worked alongside underground rapper MF Doom. They formed the group Dangerdoom). the music is a fusion of rock ,hip-hop, electro, and something else I can't describe. You gotta check it out for yourself, its just music; good music. If you listen closely, you'll see that every song has a message, they poke fun at many things from beauty to superficial people. Listen to them while doing other things because they are a lethal combination.....

You've been warned...

'teef (the finals start Thurs. Finally I can see this Celtics ,Lakers rivalry my dad was talking about, I was only four the last time they played but I've seen that magical sky hook about a thousand times... I'll talk about Kobe Vs KG next time...)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

June 10th (Hopefully)

What he talks about isn't positive, but how he words it, and how he delivers it, he is the greatest alive right now (along with Lupe. Lupe's 1A, and Wayne's 1B.). This could be the greatest album of 2008, it already has a B.I.G. album cover. Is America Ready To Die Again??


I never subscribed to Flatspot's email newsletters (they are an online Skateboard store /SB site, if you don't know them, get familiar...). Back when I was on the dunk bandwagon, I kept their site as one of my favorites, just to keep up with the latest things coming out (even though I am "officially" retired from buying kicks). They really seem to reinvent themselves every year, now they send news letters to my email address telling me when dunks are coming out. Just in case I forgot, as just a friendly reminder... And now they seem to come every week, just like career builder. Hype has gone to a new level . A level where if you make one purchase, no matter what it was, or when it was, you will be reminded. ( I don't even wanna talk about Eastbay, haven't seen them in a while....) But that's the Internet, the new Hypebeast.

(New Orleans, maybe next year it was a good run though, CP, West, Peja, Tyson, MO', maybe this was for the better, for next year. Because there's no reason why you can't go all the way next year; barring the same team.)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Those words above haven't gone together for about 10 years until now. Now they fit.... They fit with one man ,who has played with strength and lived with honor for the whole season. A season which I would have never said the Lakers would be title contenders. Wow. Just think, think back to the olympic qualifying games when it all started. He ripped the general manager and asked to be traded. Then, revoked it only to then next week go back and demand again. But was it all a game to get the attention of the Laker front office? Yes and No. Yes meaning he wanted to get their attention to better the team and no, he really didn't wanna leave LA. He could've revoked his no trade clause an ok'ed the trade to Chi town. But he wanted to make it work in LA. Surprisingly it did, Avant Gasol. So after all of that he can now call the trophy his. But one thing.... he earned it. I don't think there will be another season like the Lakers.

Mr and Mrs D'Antoni welcome to NYC.... First stop Penn Station.... Next stop.... The Playoffs.. Better buy an unlimited Metrocard......

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Best in The Business....

I don't know if he can do it, but it looks pretty good heading into San Antonio right now, up 2-0 on the Spurs... Texas ( San Antonio and Dallas) hasn't found an answer for Chris Paul yet. He's been to Texas just a few weeks ago but this time he's stepping into the champs part of town. A little different than Dallas, fans are ready to cheer for them. I don't think their confidence has taken a big hit yet. (They have been convincing victories though, but they are the champs you have to win four games in a playoff series). I have to say it again for it to sink into my brain, Chris Paul is the best Point Guard in the league, I am now a believer.... He also has his own shoe courtesy of Jordan brand. They're not the best looking though. (Jordan brand designers?? The Melo shoes too, they want to take them to another level but who is designing their kicks.. Jordan??.. That's a bad joke Jordan can do other things besides being the greatest player ever). If the Hornets can get past the Spurs I believe they will get to the finals, There I'm man enough to say it, I think they can make it, they have a team that is built on matchup problems. And, their team is run by the best playmaker in the game. I think they can make it all the way. Remember you heard it first from here....

'teef ( Jordan CP3's are available now for about $115, the game is on tomorrow on ESPN)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There Can Only Be One

The NBA Playoffs. They have lived up to all the hype that was this season. Last week I told you about Chris Paul, he hasn't changed, he's now stepped up. Put a triple-double on Mr. triple -double himself. (still one of my fav guards to watch; still miss him on the Nets, Paul was the first guard i've seen to make Kidd look... old). But now he's got a bigger challenge. A challenge that if he pulls off, I believe they can reach the finals, and then its anybody's game. The defending champs. The Spurs. I got to admit the Spurs look real vulnerable right now, they just escaped the Suns (even though it was a 4-1 win, they looked beatable trying to score on the Suns). The key to New Orleans winning is containing Tony which Nash couldn't do. Chris has the speed to stop him but he won't be his primary defender. Byron Scott's probably devising a plan to stop him as we speak. There can and will be only one.

Just like the primaries there can and will, only be one. Who do you have to win it all????
Turn your brains on America.....