Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Captain Prime Time

Just Watched two interesting HOF speeches (that stands for Hall of Fame).The first one was dy Dennis Rodman.. who was outfitted by Austin Powers.. and Deion "Capain Optimus Prime Time" Sanders Pictured above.. Both were very interesting... Rodman was much more emotional yet sanders was more enthusiastic... they both were great players during their playing careers (Football and Basketball).. Deion in my opinion was the greatest cornerback ever... yeah ever... and as Deion spoke we began to see why.. there were alot of "haters" Deion spoke of..... more so in a general sense.. he called out a lot of people but then when he heard the criticism he though of his mother... so who does he think of when he's happy... his father maybe....overall I though because of them having the floor they can clear the air and Deion did just that.. where Rodman was just thankful to be alive... and he mentioned that many times... to the point to where is he trying to tell us something??? or he just like telling us he shouldn't be here.... to sum up both were emotionally driven.. but on two different spectrum... I really wonder what Kevin Garnett will do when he does his speech... all I can say is he will not need a mic... the whole building will be able to hear him I can guarantee it... yes Sir..


Monday, August 1, 2011

Phony post

In case you can't pronounce this post use the F sound instead of the p sound. A lot of things has happened in a month. One thing which is very important is the anniversary of this blog. The blog is now in pre school and this is a metaphor "ovcourse" (inside joke)but its been four years and there has been progress in every year. Its all about infecting truth and talking about kicks.. Since I live right across from where the nike. Summer basketball tournament takes place I wanted to know the kicks their wearing .. I'll have pics for those this week as well as some more leaked pics.. And coming fall some promo pics and more expansion..

Need a KickStart?
(PS this is my first phone post hence the post topic.. Crafty isn't it?