Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moment Of Silence

Hey psssst. Lebron I know your not talking right now. I saw the game. I saw how your team played; maybe you just need some time to think. The media can be difficult sometimes. It was wise to not speak to them. Wait about a week and then talk. I know you're not gonna bash teammates you guys did win 66 games this year. You had an MVP season no doubt. But hey look at how NYC's shaping up, or even the nets. I know Shawn jokes with you about it, but you should look at it now . A new area coming in a couple of years. They're gonna get some draft picks and where you go your good teammates might follow. I would be mad too; the playoffs are a bitch. Look at it this way; Danny's gonna have to get things in order now. Take your moment of silence and then speak...


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Premier M.V.P. Lebron (wit"MVP"ness)

For this season he deserved it. Kobe Bryant was good this year as well but Lebron was better. He averages 1 block a game as well so he's starting to see how impactful working on defense can be. I know this will be the first of a few more MVP's he will win. Now with a 3-0 lead on the Hawks, can he lead them to a finals win this year?? I think he has a good chance of doing so. I'm pretty sure the rockets won't make it to the finals this year, but it would be interesting to see Ron Artest guard Lebron. It seems every foul Artest commits is flagrant (according to the ref's). That would be a good finals "brawl". (See even i'm banking on his reputation; i could've said match up). But I didn't .......

Nx. week more stuff's coming out...... (MVP Edition Lebron VI's, these will be a collectors item; look at the defining moments packs how the first packs turned out).