Monday, December 31, 2007

Have A Good Holiday!!!

Hope everyone has a prosperous and enjoyable new year you gotta make it better than last year. Set goals for the new year as I have set, this blog will take a turn for the better, I've got a lot done but I still got a lot to do.

(Those are my all Purpose Zoom BB's I run, ball, lift, you can do anything with those.)
"I'm Me, Who Are You?"
Have a happy New Year

Air Jordan 15

I remember when they started showing the commercial's for the new Jordan brand. These were the years Nike and Jordan were taking a little heat for the so-called overpriced sneakers. So Nike and Jordan starting producing Jordan team series kicks. 1998', 99' was the year these came out along with a whole other line of Jordan products, as well as Jordan Brand Athletes. It was kinda weird seeing other players wearing Jordan kicks, this was the first time a Jordan shoe wasn't worn by the man himself. But I remember these the AJ 15 the poster with him holding all his rings on one hand, you remember that poster? Or how 'bout Mary J. Blidge singing Stevie Wonder's Overjoyed, in the ad's. They introduced all the new Jordan brand athletes. some new, some old. But the commercial ended with the man himself and the logo everyone knew, so that made everything ok. Every athlete in that ad had a pass. Each one.

These are ok, not really a fan of this color as I was a fan of the black red ones. Some of my friends used to joke and say when you hold them down and look at them they look like a woman's .... This is a family blog... These will be about 160 because of the lasering. I wouldn't bet on these selling out, you wait on these you might get lucky. These aren't on my to get list, fortunately....


Friday, December 28, 2007

Zoom Lebron V (Limited Color)

I saw these a couple days earlier in a mall up state. I believe I saw them in footlocker. I was pretty shocked as to seeing them in upstate New York and not seeing them in the House of hoops, or anywhere in the city (they might be available there now). I'm not really a big fan of the ZLV but this perhaps is the best color (besides the China Editions) released. If you can find them they retail for $140.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays (Are We Gonna Wear your Monument?)

Happy Holidays Are we gonna wear your Monuments??


Saw these on one of my favorites sites 23is back, looks like Jordan is starting a new twin pack. (Coming next year these will be out next month i believe). Brand Jordan will release 2 packs, yea two packs, The packs will entail Jordans that will add up to his number 23. So thus these are the 10's and the 13's which add up to 23. (Jim Carrey would be proud, Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about). When I saw these I really thought the 10's were fake , there were numerous 10's floating around that had the number 23 etched on them. There were PE 10's that did have a number etched on them but i don't think it was 23. (45 i believe as those were when he made his return, his first real return). I know you already bought the playoff 8's, but soon it will be a new year and new Jordans will be coming ,but this you already know.

More "Cool" reviews

Was on I tunes earlier today I left a review for Lupe Fiasco's the Cool, they give you that option when you sign up for an account with them. There were a lot of great reviews which is good to see. (there were some ignorant ones as well but this is tht US). I love hip-hop its been taking a bad name for the past couple of years (really longer than that). Lupe 's music is what really Hip-hop is all about. And to top it off, he's a good lyricist, as well as he makes good music. Like i said before he is the best rapper alive in the game right now along with Lil' Wayne. But right now I give him the slight edge over Wayne.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Hip-Hop album of the Year (Sorry Kayne)

The hip hop album of the year isn't Graduation, its Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. As i write this I'm listening to the album and it makes me more assure of how far ahead of everyone he is. The whole theme of the album would give Michael Moore a run for his truthful themes. The cool can be described as all things that are deemed cool in our society , whether good or bad. In this case all things cool being a star in the superficial dog eat dog world, we love to pick and choose , especially the media. I'd be surprised if they gave his album 5 mics he's not ready for the source. Right now he is lyrically the best rapper alive right now, Lupe Fiasco is 1A and Lil' Wayne is 1B. Every song no the album plays in to the story of Micheal Young History (My Cool Young History) someone who wanted to be the coolest, he was able to achieve it but at a cost. He knows how to tell a story so you can vividly see it as you listen, only a select few rappers can do that. Get the album and you'll know what I'm talking about.

"They thought it was cool to leave you thirsty and stranded


He thought it was cool to carry a gun in his classroom and open fire

Virginia Tech, Columbine stop the violence.

They think its cool to ride down on you in blue and white and un-marked cards busting you upside your head.


'Cause the problem is we think its cool too

Check your ingredients before you overdose on ,The Cool".

(Spoken word poet on Lupe Fiasco's The Cool)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Michael Vick 23 Months

I'll be honest, I didn't know what to expect when they sentenced him on Monday. It was smart of Michael Vick to check into the correctional facility early though, shows a sense of respect for the court system. A system he will get used to for at least the next year and a half. What makes of him when he gets out?? He will still be a millionaire, but will he be in game shape? I'd say yes , will he still be the player he was going into jail? I'd say that remains to be seen. The media and our society does pick and choose what is considered immoral and barbaric. Most things everyone agrees on with regards to murder and rape, but there are thin lines as to whether someone can come back and return to the figure they once were. There are certain factors that play in to whether someone can some back, unfortunately race is a factor; just ask Marv Albert. (Zoom Vick V is above as well in the black colorway, this of course is un-released to the public.)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Kick Back

Just got an email from Nike entailing a program in which they used recycled shoes to make playgrounds in under deprived neighborhoods across the country. Not a bad idea to give in your old kicks you can't use or just wanna give up. I know I've got at least two or three pairs i can drop off. They gave me the new house of hoops location up in Harlem as to where I can drop them off. When I go to pick up the playoff 8's (Closing in on two weeks and counting away Dec 22. of course you can get them now if you want to pay double the price.) I'll drop of about two pairs of old kicks that are just sitting around collecting dust. Kick back if you can. Do it for the holidays...


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mayweather-Hatton Welterweight fight Dec 8th

This would be in the topic of "Everything in between". I'm a big boxing fan, i always was, I'd have to say my favorite fighter was Mike Tyson. But, everyone loves Ali and why wouldn't you love him. but most people think there isn't anything interesting in other weight divisions. people wanna see blood and someone getting knocked down, or even knocked out. boxing is a physical sport, but it is a mental sport as well. if you've ever got into the ring and sparred, you'd know what i mean. you must out smart your opponent and use your strenghts. some have speed, some have quickness (those are two different things with regards to boxing.), some have relentless power, and some have heart. It takes a great boxing mind to be able to recognize this and use it to win a fight. This brings me to this fight taking place on Dec. 8th in Las Vegas. Two undefeated fighters "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather Jr. (above left). goes up against Manchester, England's Ricky "hitman" Hatton, in a supremely hyped up fight. And it should be, they are both different fighters (Mayweathers' supremely precise defense, goes up against Hattons power and heart). HBO has been showing 24/7, a 4 part series diving in to the lives of both fighters as they prepare to do battle. I am rooting for Mayweather, who's signature shoulder leaning defense ( learned from his father Mayweather Sr., the shoulder defense was really like a family tradition, he has brothers who used to box as well, which are Jr's uncles.) will pose a problem for Hatton. That's the reason why he got his nickname, the shoulder arching defense keeps his face "pretty". They will battle for the WBC Welterweight (147lbs) championship belt , which Mayweather currently holds. Of course it will be on HBO Pay per view, if your saving to buy one fight this would be the fight to buy.


Friday, November 30, 2007

More Hybrids Coming

Just saw a number of Air force Nike kicks, on niketalk. com i still can't seem to find one that I like until I saw these above me. they're not bad, i 've got to see more pics of these. (thanx 23 is If your a Jordan collector I don't have to say which Jordan inspired these. you just know. I'm still not a big supporter of hybrids, (Air force 180 hybrids I talked about months earlier check my archive for a pic of another hybrid on the right.) I just think its a waste of two good kicks they're trying to mold together. ( those 360 running hybrids aren't bad they're pretty comfortable actually, but decided not to get them, to much for something that really you can't flip, in other words no re-sale value.) I don't get it, why do it ? But somebody up in Beaverton is thinking... Why not?

'teef (working on a paypal account, will soon start posting kicks for sale, and if you want me to try to find a shoe email me at

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

House of Hoops Opens In Harlem, NYC

If Your In The New York City Area, you must check out the New House of Hoops, a great concept store that was co designed by Foot Locker and Nike of course. For a number of years foot locker has had a section in their store that was subsidized by by Nike called the " House of Hoops". Now they have created a store for the future. I've been there, bought a couple of PE edition kicks. This has to be the first time nike has had that many NBA player exclusive designs in the store and for sale. If you like PE colors to your b-ball kicks then you must check this place out. I will post more pics of the store and the kicks nx time.

(check out Inside Nike for more info as well.)


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Penny II Returns Next Year

Along with the air Pippens 1's (posted before) the Air Penny II's have been confirmed for next year (probably around November). They'll probably be the same price as they were back in 1996 when they were originally released ($140). I also heard that there will be another penny foamposite color that will be a quickstrike release, (only men sizes and are limited, usually 3 pairs per size) the color looks like a cross between neon green/yellow, bottom and the shoe is all black. those will be out early next year. Be back wit some tips for thanksgiving.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Some Heat for the Cold Months

The kicks did the talking, I will say one thing.... almost all of these (except for the pippens, those will be out nx year.) release this month or release this fall/winter season., Heat for the cold.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Best NBA players at their position part 5: Center position

A week of NBA basketball under the books. glad to see there haven't been any controversy's with calls yet. but it is only the first week. finally saw the Celtics play. They're pretty impressive, how they seem to have an early chemistry already, I wonder how they will be as the season goes on. will be back next time with some heat. there are a lot of kicks coming out in the next month and a half. We all know how Jordan likes to save the best for last. And he always gets the year off right with something fresh. stay tuned !!

1. Dwight Howard (D-12) The best Center playing right now, i give him a slight edge over Yao for his fire and heart down low in the block, he's a relentless rebounder, probably the best rebounder in the league (behind Garnett and Big-Ben). good shot blocker, decent post moves. bad free throw shooter.

2. Yao Ming (Ming Dynasty) great shooting center, good post moves, ok shot blocker, good free throw shooter, lacks killer instinct, ok passer. decent rebounder but could be better for his size (7'6")

3. Shaquille O'Neal (Shaq, Big Aristotle) Skills fading slightly, still dominant, still a good rebounder, still a good passing center, still can block shots, still can rebound, still commands a double team, but still, one of the best centers of all time.

4.Pau Gasol ("Pau") Good shooting center, ok rebounder, can post up, not a shot blocking threat, but a decent scorer propels him, as well as his decent free throw shooting.

5. Marcus Camby ("Camby Man") really a power forward but plays the center position just as good as true centers. a decent shot. great rebounder, great shot blocker, decent defender, not a good free throw shooter, an ok passer.

6. Ben Wallace (Big-Ben) All defense propels him. great shot blocker, great defender though sometimes over powered because of his size (about 6'7"), great rebounder offensive and defensive, bad scorer and free throw shooter.

7.Eddy Curry: has emerged into a dominant scorer, with decent post moves, commands a double team, not a good free throw shooter or shot blocker, an ok rebounder but can rebound more for his size (6'11")

8. Zydrunas Ilgauskus (Big Z) good shooting center, ok post moves, not a legitimate shot blocking threat. decent rebounder but should also rebound more for his size (7"3"), a consistent good shooting center.

9.Mehmet Okur: has emerged into a great shooting center, though plays more like a forward. good shooter, decent 3pt shooter. bad defender, not a shot blocking threat, can work on rebounding for his size as well (6'11")

10.Emeka Okafor ("Meka") The future, great shot blocker, and rebounder. developing an offensive game, will propel him as well as working on his bad free throw shooting, but has a bright future.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

NBA Best at their position Part 4: Power Fowards

This is part four of five of the best NBA players at their position. the NBA is loaded with talented power forwards. this was pretty difficult to pick the top ten in the game with so many established ones, and new up and coming ones that have surpassed older names. though once these two retire they will be others that may surpass them (after of course some accolades.) Here they are:

1a. Kevin Garnett (KG, The Big Ticket): always gives 110 percent on the floor, can shoot has range , good shot blocker MVP of the league, can lead a team, the best post moves and fakes around the basket, will have a great season with the Celtics, 20,10,5,2, can i say anymore?

1b. Tim Duncan (Timmy, TD): A champion, knows all angles of the court, can lead a team, decent jump shot, great shot blocker, 2 time MVP, Finals MVP, not a good free throw shooter, decent clutch player. great rebounder.

3a. Dirk Nowitzki (re-dirkulous, German Assassin): MVP of the league last year, best shooting player in the game, has extensive range, can score from anywhere in the court, ok shot blocker, ok defender, ok passer, lacks Killer instinct, decent post moves, decent rebounder.

3b. Amare Stoudemire (Standing tall and talented [S.T.A.T.]): relentless scorer, most athletic power forward in the game even after micro fracture surgery, almost un-guardable around basket, ok shot blocker, decent free throw shooter. Will be a better shooter as time goes on.

5. Jermaine O'Neal (JO) : good scorer, great rebounder, has been injury prone, good free throw shooter, transformed into a great shot blocker. great post moves around the basket. can be leader of a team.

6. Rasheed Wallace (Son-Ra, 'Sheed): A Champion, has a killer instinct to win, can score from anywhere on the court, developed in to a good 3pt shooter, good shot blocker, great defender, foul prone, can lead a team. emotions can slow him down, and build him up.

7. Carlos Boozer (Booze) : the future, emerging into a great power forward, can score and can rebound, not a great defender, or shot blocker, sometimes inconsistent, but has time and age to become an elite forward.

8. Chris Bosh (CBosh): An emerging forward, can shoot has range, will become an elite forward, has a bright future, can give you 20 and 10, a decent defender, could work on shot blocking.

9. Lamar Odom (LO7): Versatile forward, can give you 15, 10, and five assists, doesn't have a post game , can play and handle like a point guard for his size (6'10") decent defender, not a clutch performer, injury prone, has slowed him down.

10. Antawn Jamison: Another Versatile forward, can score from anywhere on the court, not a great defender or shot blocker, an ok rebounder, decent free throw shooter.

There are the top four PF's in the league who are just on another level, those four are really the best overall forwards in the game as well. Each of those top four forwards has an innate ablility that puts them in a category of four. (or 1a&b and 2a&b). And for the fools on who put Steve Nash over Kidd, Kidd just got another Triple Double yesterday 16,14,10.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Top NBA players Part 3 Small Fowards

The NBA season has finally tipped off and things look good. still haven't seen the new look Celtics in action. (they take on the wizards on their opener on Friday.) I still stick with my team the nets who i believe will win the east. But as we all know anything can happen. actually now with this ref thing going i hope anything can happen. with regards to the small forwards, this is truly a position that has more to do with size and ability than any other position. if your too slow or small then there's a chance that you'll have a tough time to compete with the other small forwards. here they are:

1. LeBron James (King James) :established scorer, great passer, unmatched speed and strength, in a power forwards body, shaky shooter, not good free throw shooter, can be better clutch performer.

2. Shawn Marion (The Matrix) : decent scorer, superb athleticism, ok jumper, great defender, superb rebounder, always a double double threat, underrated (except for here)

3. Paul Pierce (The Truth) : established scorer, can score from anywhere on the court, good shooter, decent clutch performer, ok passer, ok defender.

4. Carmelo Anthony (Melo) : great scorer, decent shooter, not a force on the defensive end, strong on the block, a pure scorer, good clutch performer.

5. Rashard Lewis (Raw Lew): good scorer, shaky defender, can be outplayed, great 3pt shooter, no post moves for his size (6' 10")

6. Ron Artest ( Tru Warrior): good scorer, decent shooter, superb defender, intimitador, great strength , has a post game. plays hard on both ends of the court.

7.Andrei Kirilenko (AK47): decent scorer, good jump shot, decent 3pt shooter, great defender, sneaky shot blocker, his defense is better than his offense.

8.Richard Jerrerson (RJ) : decent scorer, ok defender, great slasher/finisher at the basket, good jumpshot, underrated athleticism.

9. Luol Deng: good shooter, decent defender, has a bright future, underrated quickness.

10. Caron Butler: decent shooter, great slasher to the basket, decent rebounder, athletic around the rim.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Top NBA players at their positions Part 2

This part was a little more difficult when talking shooting guards. Some of these players can be called "combo guards" which means they can play multiple positions. Once again i ranked them based on shooting guard abilities, passing ,scoring , playing defense and clutch performers. When the games on the line do they have the ability to perform well when they are under a lot of pressure? (Gilbert Arenas could be considered a combo guard as well.)

My top ten Shooting guards for the up coming season

1. Kobe Bryant (Black Mamba), relentless scorer, best scorer in NBA, plays on both sides of court, (offensive and defense.) 3X NBA champion. Literally un-guardable, can score anywhere on court. There’s no better all around scorer playing right now. Ultimate, confident clutch performer. Lethal

2. Dwayne Wade (Flash), Relentless scorer, plays defense, open court master. 3pt shooting flawed, will return with a vengeance this season. Quick first step, good passer, pure scorer. Clutch performer. NBA champion

3. Tracy McGrady (T-Mac), Another pure scorer, injuries have slowed him down; can score from anywhere on floor, ok defender, decent passer. Clutch performer.

4. Allen Iverson (The Answer), Age hasn’t slowed him down, quick first step, can score from anywhere in the paint, MVP, clutch performer, ok passer, superb defender, fearless slasher, great body control.

5. Vince Carter (VC; Half man-Half Amazing), great scorer, decent passer, unmatched- air time and body control, decent clutch performer, now a 3pt threat, can score from anywhere in the paint.

6. Ray Allen (ray-ray), pure shooter, lethal 3pt shooter, bad defender, decent passer, not a clutch performer, puts the “shooting” in shooting guard, all rhythm no blues.

7. Emanuel Ginobili (Manu), Fearless slasher, great defender, clutch performer, good shooter, unmatched driving confidence, could be more durable. NBA champion

8. Richard Hamilton (RIP), unmatched stamina, Good scorer, good defender, NBA champion, only couple good seasons, can be slowed down, one of the best jump shooters in the game. Not a 3pt threat.

9. Ben Gordon (BG), emerging scorer, bright future, decent passer, developing clutch performer, great jump shot, good 3pt shooter, will be an all-star, decent defender.

10. Joe Johnson (JJ) breakout year, great scorer, lethal 3pt shooter, decent jump shot, good passer, point guard handling skills, all-star. Not a clutch performer, bad defender, prone to injury.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

NBA Season Around the Corner

The NBA season will get underway on Halloween and I'd like to rank, based on my observations the top ten players who are at their position now. I'll rank all five positions and you can leave comments whether you agree with my list or not. So I'll try to do this in five parts the first part is the point guards :

My top ten PG’s for the up coming season

1. Jason Kidd (great passer, great defender not a good shooter, shaky scorer but has improved, just too many triple doubles who has more? Magic Johnson the greatest PG of all time is the only man that has more.)

2. Steve Nash (2time MVP, best shooting PG, best scorer , great passer, bad defender, never been to the finals and was only good for a few seasons Kidd always been doing it, check the stats between the players. when Kidd retires then he is number one.)

3. Agent 0 (Gilbert Arenas) (most confident pg, impressive clutch performer, shooter, scorer, not a great passer decent defender, but an offensive force propelled him to three.)

4. Chauncey Billups (great shooter, passer finals MVP clutch performer but like Nash wasn't always this good before, now one of the top.)

5. B-diddy (Baron Davis) (great scorer, good passer, shaky shooter, decent defender, always been good when healthy, great leader.

6. Tony Parker (TP) (un-matched speed and ball control been to Finals, MVP shaky shooter, decent passer, open court master un-guardable in open floor)

7. Chris Paul (putting up Kidd numbers early in Kidd's career, great passer, decent shooter, scorer, leader on court, bright future, decent defender.)

8. Deron Williams (Impressive playoff performance, shaky shooter, great passer, decent defender, will probably be an all-star, bright Future.)

9. Kirk Hinrich (decent passer, shaky defender, not clutch, lethal shooter, can score, can be great later.)

10. Stephon Marbury (Relentless scorer, shaky shooter, decent passer still quick, been consistent scorer for years, open court wizard.)

So there it is my top ten. I just couldn't put Nash at number one after looking at his career and looking at his prime. When Kidd was at his prime he was better than Nash was. He’s been doing this for his whole career; Nash has only had a couple of good seasons. I'm not sure if Nash is even a Hall of Famer. If he can get to the finals at least once in his career, then he would be in the HOF category, but it’s still tough to get him into the hall of fame.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Baseball Playoffs with no METS

I know this is off topic but i had to mention it. I still can't believe the New York Mets didn't make the playoffs, after they were in first place for most of the season. I do give Philly credit because if they didn't play well the mets would've been in the playoffs. Every time I watch sports center and see the Rockies and diamondbacks compete i wonder if the mets were in the mix, I think they would've went to the World Series, dam. R.I.P. mets for this year, now I hope the nets and knicks can make some noise in the NBA more on both of those teams and the newly revamped Atlantic division later.

(Thanx and Happy-B day to AJ ( Chino Nasty) for cremating the mets logo, they just crumbled down the stretch.)


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Air Jordan Retro 8 (Playoffs Edition)

Finally the most anticipated (anticipated by many) Jordan 8 color, is making its return this Christmas. Jordan wore these when he battled in the playoffs against my favorite player Sir Charles Barkley and the Bulls got their first three peat. Usually the most anticipated colors are released during the Christmas season, and this one will be released and be sold out instantly, I can guarantee it. I believe they will not be limited so there will be kids colors as well as adults. I passed on the aqua ones (it was hard but i did) to get these. They should be around $145, But if you want them now be prepared to pay double the price.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Kicks And Everything In-Between Store coming Soon

Just got the Merchant package from Bank of America. As to update my friends who were asking whether i was working on opening a store, i am. I also just applied for a Nike account, there's a lot of red tape when opening an account with them as with Adidas. Since I already work this blog ,( I'll slowly start adding shoes for sale.) starting at the end of the year (right after thanksgiving.) I'll start taking requests. I can be reached at my Gmail account... Be back with something different... The baseball playoffs this year.. without the METS..

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Where Were you When...

Where were you when these came out... The Air Max CB2 one of my favorite Barkley sneakers of all time. I was looking through my hard drive trying to find the pic of the merchant booklet (more on that later) and found this wallpaper I used to have on my desktop. These were retro'ed i believe in 2003 and are still being used. (they even released a low top version of these.) sorry Nike, sometimes you can mess up some of your classic sneakers. They really should've released these but the replaced the purple accent with royal blue. (pretty close to the OG version.) I actually saw the ad for these in a sports illustrated magazine i never got these ( i have them now) because i had already got my kicks (AJ VIII) for the year, mom was not trying to hear me ask for another pair. And plus, I was 11 so the kids sizes never had the full air like today.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kobe Bryant's overseas Tour.

Once again Nike sends Kobe Bryant overseas on a south Asia tour. Making stops in Manila, (Philippines) Taipei, (Taiwan) and Hong Kong just to name a few. Over at the Nike b-ball site there are extensive pictures showing him run some of his workout plans, and drills he uses to get ready for the up and coming season. he always seems to put on a show with regards to his dunks in the pics there. (and there are a lot of pics like these with him wearing local Taiwanese garments). It goes to show you how he was able to revamp his image, back to where he was, before. I don't know if Vick can do it but, it can be done. It just takes big name companies to stand behind you. Nike no longer supports Vick but i wonder if they will retro any of his shoes?Probably not.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Phoenix Mercury Champs

I'm not a big fan of the WNBA. I don't really watch the games until the finals. Sometimes women's basketball can appear sloppy even though they are pros just like other athletes. ( i won't say women athletes bec. athlete has no gender Nike's right.) but since they adopted the five game format the games have become more interesting. Like college basketball, certain teams need a couple of games to establish a rhythm. (college chould have a couple game playoff, but it might be long bec. of the many teams). The Detroit shock were defeated by the Phoenix Mercury in five games. (Phoenix has a championship but they of course wanted the suns to win sorry Amare.) The shoes above are the shox elite's for the Finals MVP Cappie Pondexter (hence CP23). They were made to show her Mercury colors . suprisingly i like them, they are a hot kicks (They probably won't be released to the public). Kobe's been busy Overseas again nx time.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Greg Oden's (extended off-season)

I, as a basketball fan was a little disappointed when it was told last week that Rookie Greg Oden will undergo knee surgery which will render him on crutches for at least 6 months. He's having the same surgery that many NBA players have had, so there have been many perspectives as to how he will turn out. (Amare Stoudemire recently had the surgery and look at him, but then again so did Allan Houston Former Knick Guard.) The NBA season still will be great without him nonetheless, but he's actually a true center and we haven't seen a rookie like him since Shaq. (can't count Yao, he's not as dominant down low but he' s getting there.) So for the rest of the season his jersey will be hanging in his locker at the Rose Quarters. (For more on him go over to the Portland Trail Blazer's official site.)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nike Elite II Series Update

Over at Niketown NYC I looked for the new Nike Elite series. A sales rep. told me they were coming out next week but check online for the full overview. The shox version was always my favorite. Glad to see that they were going to release a version of those there. Check over at for more info on the Elite II new series.
be back with Oden news ( bad of course nike had plans for him.)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Niketown NYC (Odom)

You never know who you'll run into at niketown on their off hours (730-8p they close at 8pm). LA Laker Lamar Odom.

be back with niketown news Sat.


( i took the pic ,my friend who wanted to meet him.)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Dream Team Cont.

Just some more Dream team pics that I had hanging around my hardrive. look at the one with Barkley, Ewing and Jordan. Jordan and Barkely (who was the leading scorer on the 1992 dream team.) were both wearing memorable shoes, (barkley wearing special makeup of Air Force 180 and Jordan waring Air Jordan VII, but you already knew that.) When they were released they were sold out instantly. Some people still have them to this day, never worn. If you want both of them you can go to flight club in NYC, Or if your a size 10.5-11 contact me. Actually on that topic I'm in the process of opening a kick store on my own (more on that later.)

(Can anyone name all four kicks above and who wore them?? the first two are easy)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nike Elite Team Series Returns

Just saw these in the nike catalog, once again they are releasing an air max version and a Zoom air version. (Haven't seen the shox version like last year hope they make those.) The huarache Elite hasn't changed drastically from last year. But we can expect to see PE's for numerous NBA stars (I'm almost certain Tony Parker will have PE's). They should be out now for about $125. Numerous colors follow, I'm guessing they'll be "ID'ed" in the future as well.


(Can we call the huaraches 2k7's? if anyone keeps count....)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Air force 1+180+1 ?

Saw these on nike talk a couple of weeks ago. i don't know if they are a prototype of not but if they release these they will hurt a good sneaker. these are based loosely on the Air Force 180 Olympic edition that was worn by Sir Charles Barkley on the dream team in Barcelona. (circa 1992.) nike has a history of releasing questionable styles and colors. will someone actually wear these ? I'm not really feeling these, i laughed when i saw them. but these might not be a joke. These very much so might be released, we all know Olympic year is next year... I also put some pics of the original 180's and the Air Jordan VII Olympic. Those two kicks are probably the best Olympic kicks of all time. Made for the best players on that 1992 team that really was the greatest team ever assembled. Why would nike then tinker with greatness??

( pic of Barkely on the 1996 team that won the gold, thats his reaction to those Air force 1 renditions.)

Redemption (USA wins FIBA Gold.)

Everyone knew it was gonna happen it was a matter of time . They were rolling over teams that were under manned and under sized. they actually played as a team with Kidd at the Helm. He made the game a team game for them. Even Kobe started passing ( sike!). Argentina will be better with Ginobili ,Uberto and scrappy Nocioni. But with the team they have now they have a shot at the gold, I think they need to add another shooter and they will be just fine. Their chemistry was good they don't need a scorer who commands the ball they have more than enough of those. Hope they can take home the gold in '08. (photo courtesy of


Kicks Magazine

The popular kicks based magazine which is published by SLAM magazine is back for its tenth year. This year they bring Jordan back for another coveted cover. I like the cover ,but what about the young stars of the NBA who are up and coming. We know that Jordan's will never go out of style ( yes its true.) but there are top NBA players that are revolutionizing the shoe game. Whether you like it or not Lebron is putting his stamp on the Nike basketball shoe game. He has brought back nike with his Lebrons. Back to the days when people look forward to lil penny or Jordan commercials. So pick up the mag if you got 5 bucks to spare, there aren't exclusive kicks many are used to seeing online but they do have some good articles you can read from perspectives of shoe designers to sneaker heads.