Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lasers Pretty Good Album

I am a big Lupe Fiasco Fan........ I'm actually proud to say that. Can a grown man be a fan of something..... or really Someone? Seriously?? As I type this I'm actually listening to "All Black Everything" which i feel is the best track on the album.... this is where you see his talent.. or we can say his gift.... You can also see how NaS has influenced him.. this song could easily be a track on one of NaS' albums (not nastradamus... except for that one I'm sorry Folks butt its true). I'm glad it was released.... Many thanks to that Lupe BLog I think they do him justice (lupefiasco-lupend) Since I teach and educate I guess I'm not a loser... I guess I'm a Teacher.... Yeah I'm a Teacher... I mean LASER...... and lasers are the future... So I'm also the future... Are you a laser to?

Las? or Los?