Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The much anticipated Hyperdunks have been released since I last posted. I went to the HOH(House of hoops for the others) to check them out. I was impressed, for a b-ball shoe they are extremely light but unimpressed when they were sold out of the China edition ones. I guess I had to settle for the USA inspired ones. I'm almost ready to Kick start myself in gear. Stay tuned I will be away for about a week but will still keep a log of things and will be back the second week of August, which is a big month for me and this blog. Stay tuned.... (Tim Donaghy told me USA wins gold...)


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bon Anniversaire!!!

Technically it was yesterday, but I had to think and go back to all the posts I've been doing for the past year. Alotta photos, alotta memories, alotta kicks. There's one post that stood out in my mind. When Kidd got traded back to Dallas, that stood out I was shocked. My favorite post was the one with Lupe (the Album of the year one). My most Important post was the Obama one, my least important one was the Mayweather,Hatton one. Its been a decent year, and now for the next year I'm about to "Kick start" the competition. All Ten-thousand plus who've checked the blog out thanks. Here's what went down for the past year.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Olympic Hopefuls

The Dream Team of 1992, Possibly the greatest team ever assembled. I'd say it was the greatest team ever, just in all of sports. They had everything... heart, determination, leaders, role players (correction HOF role players). They also had the kicks. Those were the hay days of Nike, where everyone was rocking the swoosh (CB14,AJ, Pip, Mr.Rob., Reg, Christian Laettner, hey, he was on the team look it up). That team and their kicks will forever be the greatest. Now this brings me to what your looking at above me. The AJ6 Retro Olympic. At first I thought these were hott but after looking at them compared to other kicks I'd pass on these. If your looking to pick up an Olympic kick, Check out the hyperdunks those are serious. Just ask Mike J. Fox. These are out now.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Could This be a Prelude to the Future??

I'm not a fatalist or anything but sometimes the writings on the wall so to speak... Last week the USA Men's Basketball team visited NYC on their Media Tour, Lebron was greeted with cheers and please play for the Knicks chanting. He didn't seem to have a problem with it, I wonder if Danny Ferry has a problem with that. But then again when someones mind is made up there's no stopping them. Everyone knows how big of a fan Lebron is of NYC, c'mon its the greatest city in the world (I am a NYC native). But then again who will get him? He will be a free agent after next season so he will have many options open for him. There's only two places that can afford him and can elevate his level. There's only one city that can do that to a person NYC. Loving the city you play for is half the battle, just ask Starbury himself. It doesn't matter which borough (BK or Mann) but his star power can only be elevated in the city that never sleeps. Think of the PE's if he were a Knick, the HOH would be bananas. So, could this be a prelude to the future?? Stay tuned....