Saturday, March 29, 2008

Was it meant to look like this?

Here we go again with this "23" thing, we all know how that number is linked to this. Now to this so called vogue cover, when I first saw it I didn't think it was racially charged. But when you look at it compared to the King Kong cover you began to wonder. I'm pretty sure Lebron had no idea it looked eerily similar, but I wonder if the people at Vogue had any idea? That's the real question here. We all know how minorities are depicted in the media, it has changed with the times but there is still work to be done. Was Vogue just continuing that trend? I say, maybe, not really sure. It does look really similar I hope they weren't using the Kong covers as an inspiration, because then the cover would be somewhat offensive. People have been talking about the cover because its rare Vogue has a man ( let alone a black man) on its cover. I could understand that, not many men are sitting on the train reading Vogue anyway. I do believe there are certain things minorities who are in the public eye must avoid. (Dave Chappelle realized this but it was what made him famous, he definitely wished he would of realized it before he signed the dotted line.) Avoiding things that have racial undertones, anything that can remind America of the times we want to keep in our past. Any animal but an ape, it's just too close to a bad history for African Americans. There was too much fighting to shed that image. Did Lebron rehash that image from the past? No, not knowingly, he just posed. Did Vogue rehash that image? A good Possibility, but that's just me what do you think, does it look similar? My Answer is yes.. Do You Agree??

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Yes..... These are Real

I couldn't help but notice these on a shoe blog the other day. It just got me wondering... i dunno just thinking out loud.... Does Brand Jordan get some of their color inspirations from some of the fake knock-offs? I'm pretty sure they know they're out there, you can't miss them, just pick up a Source or a XXL Mag and just turn to the back... You see them... yea those... those are fake... now look at these. These....... are real..... I have to admit with releases like these the gap between real and fake is starting to close... (well, not that close, real 'heads can tell the difference, and if you can't, your not a real kickhead). They're called Jordan brand V Fusions I believe... Wait Lemmie check the box... Just Kiddin'. But Yea These are available now, and they are real.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here We go Again

You know what these are, but then again if you can add then you also know what comes with them. The countdown will be going on all year.... Will you count along?

The Countdown Ensues.....

One thing,... I've gotta give the Houston Rockets a lot of credit for winning 22 games in a row. That's pretty impressive, and its even more impressive without Yao for the last 10 games. They will get tested again when the Boston three party come to town tomorrow. That will be a good game, too bad I'm not in the Texas area. I don't know if they appreciate their teams like New Yorkers do. They don't boo when players give 99 percent effort like we do. This brings me to what the blog is about.... The countdown ensues, its funny and creepy, now I'm beginning to feel like Jim Carrey with this whole 23 thing, the rockets are looking to win"23" games in a row and it just so happens that I'm posting about a 23 pack that has just been released. I'm telling ya I didn't mention it on purpose. Or did I ? The 14-9 pack is out now and you can get them at retail if you want them, I don't count on these selling out too fast.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back to Basic (Zoom Flight 95')

Its Kind of Ironic that I saw these at Niketown last week. Irony being these were the first Nike kicks Jason Kidd wore, his rookie season with the Mavs. They still look like they could be new b ball kicks with the severe lack of signature and or unique kicks Nike has nowadays. I remember back in the 90's there was a ranking in school. Its funny 'cause i think this has shifted to the dunk craze ( I have officially left and retired from those). No matter what kicks you had they would never top Jordan's, ( well Jordans in decent condition of course, kids were pretty hard on kicks and some still are). Penny's were decent, Barkley's of course were my favorite, and AF1's ( uptowns , they were called, some kids don't even know they were called those). As I look at my og Air CB34's I remember; I remember when there was at least 5-6 different Nike sig kicks out when i was in school. And just different things in general no Elites. And these....... these... were one of them.... (These are available, you can get'em for about $115.)

'teef (P.S. Happy Birthday Grandma All the Best!!!!)