Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween's Coming

The NBA season looks slim... Since there is no basketball i have taken up watching other things.. on you tube I watched a WNBA game. it was amusing to see so many turnovers and fouls. i almost forgot what they were playing... this made me realize that men's basketball was needed.. I've also started to watch more movies. since there is no NBA season. i recently saw a film from Spain called "la piel que habito" which translates into the skin i live in. it deals with deception and revenge. Revenge that will transform you into a firm believer of locking up criminals, and not letting the families get to them... i do recommend the film to people who have trouble of coming up with a Halloween costume (because it's coming) The doctor can help you... Anyway, after the film concluded I stood there for about ten minutes. In those ten minutes I realized that because there is no basketball many people have to take up watching other people playing basketball (women sorry). so i hope and am confident that basketball will be played again by the professionals...


On a side note the Lebron 9 releases tomorrow I saw them in footlocker today; they look like a training shoe.. but its always the colors that they release that will make the shoe... its the colors.... Yeah.... P.S. Halloween pick for those who don't have a scary film to watch my pick is Dead Silence. Scary and a great story, and plot twist as well... Watch it and tell me what you think..... If you dare......

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Back For The Future

NBA Lock out Still going on I don't think there will be basketball... I am Sad... On Another note Nike Mags are "back"...(I was gonna say "back to the future" but that was too robotic so I'm not gonna say "back to the future" yeah I'm not gonna say it...) Check out the Promo pretty fresh actually. Please settle and lets have basketball... i'm really not hyped to play 2k12.

KickStart Photos coming soon as well the procrastination will end soon....