Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is rondo the best point guard..?

Depends on who you ask.. In my opinion no.. Ill talk about that later.. The first thing I want to talk about is the Brooklyn nets defeating the Knicks last night.. If u don't know the rivalry now things are getting thicker.. (Serena williams thick..) I work down the block from MSG.. I live in Bklyn.. Who should I support?? Of course I'm gonna support the wizards.. Just as nene has guided them.. Just kidding.. But you know who's not kidding Lebron James Harden.. What a run.. if he keeps this up he will get my vote to start the all star game.. And my coach. Mike "whoa the lakers really hate Phil (except for Jeanie)" D'Antoni .. I still have my money on the clippers ( barring that previous road trip).. Overall it's a good time to be a basketball fan.. Even better to live in Bklyn .. As for rondo he's probably number three ( just inched above Westbrook but he's improved his passing as well) best in the business remains Paul.. Gotta go sell these foamposites.. peace

(Anyone interested email me have 10.5 and 11)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Whoa what an offseason

Back to work.. It's been an interesting summer.. Kickstart is in full effect online (via eBay for now and pays pal) also been buying and selling mostly selling.. Updating to let everyone know I'm back ill have the ratings of players at their positions coming very soon) and also trades and signs.. First Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum.. In my opinion they both do good things but I give the slight edge to Dwight..what I really wanna know is how Does kobe do it?? You think they're out of it and now they're in contention again..but Cobra by way if Miami will have something to say about that yes... They will...

Pic is another shoe sold courtesy of kickStart.. Anyone interested I take requests ill find it and get it to you as well..

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Can USA win another gold metal??

Yeah I said metal... I've been watching the Olympics I'm not afraid to say it.. In these past two weeks I've seen records and Stereotypes broken.. I've also seen USA grills and water polo nip slips (other slips too you fill that one in) As much as I disagree with some of the things my country USA has done in this world, I have found myself rooting for them to win.. Don't know where it's coming from but I do..
I've been watching basketball.. (women's yawwwwn and men's) I always support the men's basketball team.. As much as Serge Ibaka supports his national team... So as you watch the gold metal game between USA and Spain if you're watching it here in the US, A part of you might secretly root for them.. And just like me you'll be wondering why..

Vamos Estados Unidos.

(Dwight Kobe Nash Metta World Peace) oh and Antwan played by Damon Wayans..

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Knicks Can Win

I'm gonna keep this simple... The Knicks can win... The can beat the bulls if they face them... If they get Indy that will be easy Melo can carry us past the pacers.. Well need every one to play in sync for this....

That was las month when I previously posted this... My point was it was all about seeding that's all.. What shocked me about the playoffs this year was the clippers... They literally came outta nowhere... Lebron may have win MVP honors but my vote went to Chris Paul .. A complete turn around..(well they've hot their work cut out for them with the Spurs but anything is possible they have an uphill climb hence the "stairs"..)
Heat fans hi how are you? Sick.. well should someone for that....yeah quickly before you get eliminated from the playoffs...
My finals predictions are still Miami and the Clippers cut that doesn't look good now.... The key word in that sentence is now... I'll be watching you should too....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sales Again

Gonna keep it brief again... More shoes for sale I'm gonna put them on eBay.. While I watch the bulk and Knicks.. Zoom lebron iv playoff edition sz 10.5
Shox VC iv Allstar edition sz 11 both new authentic and never been worn

Any questions contact me...

The cat isn't for sale that's just Ditto.
Sorry guys...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sales Sells Shells Shalls Shoes... KickStart

gonna keep it brief i have shoes to sell for sale. I'm selling.... check them on eBay.... bid early and often... i take questions and concerns and cash money as well.. The NBA season is at the halfway pint.. There was a time where i though there wouldn't be an NBA season..... Boy is Jeremy Lin happy there was an NBA season... I don't know where he'd be able to work with a degree from Harvard... Yeah he just has no options; it's either basketball, or his mothers couch... with a degree from Harvard you really cant do anything else but play basketball.. That's why he went to Harvard to play basketball just like Obama... How bout him though.... minus the turnovers he's a pretty descent guard or as spike says it "god"...
gotta run have shoes to sell.. ebay Seller KickStart


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Well the Knicks are "perculating" and not being "over zealous" (Walt Clyde Frasier voice)I just cant hear anyone call Knick games but Clyde.. if your really from NYC then you know what i mean. they have high expectations since the NBA resumed the "Route" 66 game schedule... Which oddly, and this pun is intended, should suit only Oklahoma City.. yeah I said it... I still think the knicks will win the east yeah, that's a bold prediction about as bold as a Clyde suit during Halloween... yup... also those Kobe 7's are fresh... they come with free socks... yellow socks.... Those are scary.. They'll leave Michael J Fox shaking in his MC fly's... Sorry Mike.. well he always.. ah never mind

happy new Year.... and happy no pants day also I was there and I had no pants.... only in NYC ....