Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Stumbled on a friendly game of horse between the sheens and "Money" (spike Lee voice) best part of this was the show he did  for the crowd in the beginning.. Light stuff for him is top ten dunk stuff right now.. Yup right now 2013.. This was shot in 1986.. Yes kids he was that good.. He did all this wearing a gold chain link.. Greatest player ever folks.. And he's not even wearing Jordan's.. ( think those were terminators..or some other Nike high bball shoe) 
  How bout the playoffs?? First team to 16 injuries wins. if thats the case then i think then Chicago will win.. New York is a close second with an average if two injuries a game... With all these injuries coming on freak accidents, would then the bobcats have a chance next year?? Maybe.. Actually no..