Saturday, August 11, 2012

Can USA win another gold metal??

Yeah I said metal... I've been watching the Olympics I'm not afraid to say it.. In these past two weeks I've seen records and Stereotypes broken.. I've also seen USA grills and water polo nip slips (other slips too you fill that one in) As much as I disagree with some of the things my country USA has done in this world, I have found myself rooting for them to win.. Don't know where it's coming from but I do..
I've been watching basketball.. (women's yawwwwn and men's) I always support the men's basketball team.. As much as Serge Ibaka supports his national team... So as you watch the gold metal game between USA and Spain if you're watching it here in the US, A part of you might secretly root for them.. And just like me you'll be wondering why..

Vamos Estados Unidos.

(Dwight Kobe Nash Metta World Peace) oh and Antwan played by Damon Wayans..