Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween From KickStart

Since I'm an NYC Native there's always something going on for holidays. The Halloween parade is one of these things. you will see people in "Alternative" costumes. (see below) some have one costume, and some I've seen have two. (I'll let your personal imagination come up with some combinations... kinda like what George Lucas does...) I don't know what is is about this year (maybe its on a weekend) but I'm thinking something is going to go on. I'll probably be there and I'll have a camera... 'nuff said. Lets see where that takes me, or "drags" me (no homo).
( Joker is wearing two costumes. you can argue its one, but who's really gonna argue this??... and the lovely Morrigan is one my favorites... If a woman is wearing this at the parade if will be posted Tomorrow...)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Here We Go top Ten Players at the Point

An interesting year for point guards. last year saw the emergence of two guards that will only get better. Derek Rose, and Rajon Rondo (hey.. where is this guy from?). Since the crop is getting crowed i had to make some tuff decisions here are my top ten for the season..

Chris Paul (Hornets, 22. 11. 5.) A real no-brainer, but on this I have to say is Billups was stellar against him. This made things interesting as to who comes after him..

2a. Deron Williams (Jazz 18.10.3) Still effective, still can shoot. will get better as he progresses.. But if boozer leaves can he handle the pressure to succeed?

2b. Chauncey Billups (Nuggets 18.6.2.) As close to a valuable guard as you can get has all the in tangables of a point guard and the main thing why he's up here... He wins... Just ask Carmelo how valuable he is... he's up there..

4. Jason Kidd (Mavs 9.8.6) Still effective in his 16th year in the NBA. Not as defensive stopper as he used to be but then again he averaged 2 steals last season. the mavs are fortunate he hasn't slowed down. Shawn Marion meet the guy who might get you another all star selection..

5. Steve Nash (Suns 15.9.3) was exposed las. season as a defensive liability (even though he was never a defensive stopper his whole career) Nash still had stellar numbers but without A'mare to feed the ball to the suns missed the playoffs. Who's more valuable Nash or Stoudemire?? neither of them.. it's Steve Kerr... he's the suns MVP..

6. Tony Parker ( Spurs 19.6.3) Il est tres mieux vite.... Translation: fast Rapide.. Still the best at making adjustments by the basket ( Derek Rose might give him a run for his money) still puts up all star numbers and with Jefferson on board his assists should go up too.

7.Mike Bibby (Hawks 18.5.3.) More valuable than i thought... He has molded the hawks into a run and gun team that creates matchup problems for every team.. we know he can shoot. he's a decent defender... Look for the hawks to regain their form again if he's running the show. Him and Billups shows you how valuable a point guard can be.

8. Derek Rose (bulls 14.8.3) A toss up between him and Rondo, but Rose might be a step quicker (I'm, probably splitting hairs). A decent shooter and passer as well as a free throw shooter (ask Rondo about that). He will be an all star. Bright future.

9. Rajon Rondo (Celtics 14.7.6.) In the playoffs he put up Kidd Numbers. Probably the quickest PG in the game now Srry Parker. his flaw is his shooting which makes him a liability on the floor with Garnett who likes to pass out of the post.

10.Baron Davis (Clippers 18.8.3) Kind of lost on the list because if he has a great year he in the top five.. if he doesn't then he's in the bottom five him and billups are probably the strongest PG's in the game. Hopefully he doesn't get lost in the clippers again... Blake Griffin will make things exciting for B-Diddy. I can see a lot of highlight footage.. hopefully for them that footage doesn't always have to end with "despite the loss".....

Notables ( of course Arenas if he can stay healthy. Jameer nelson another one who was injured.. Andre Miller, can he do the same thing that Billups and Bibby have done with his new team? Devin Harris on one of my fave teams eventhough they look like a dleague team now. Stellar play from him in the first half of the season got him his first selection.. and you know who he can thank....... Yi Jianlian..... he can thak Yi.....)

SG's Next.... you know who's Number One....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

For Potential Ebay buyers Zoom Kobe 1 (BLackout)

Hello My name is KickStart. Since I have a blog and want to sell my " Kobe" Series that i have, i posted further pics to my blog. If this is your first time here check me out and post any comments if you have any on the shoes. As from the description on Ebay these are deadstock and have never been worn or touched the ground. (check the pics I made them super large) I set the reserve price at 90 dollars but am willing to negotiate if you make me an offer I can't refuse. I also have the black maize color as well which I will post for sale soon. Thanks
Heres the auction If you've come from Niketalk Hypebeast or Kenlu...


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Stuff

Here in NYC we look forward to fall. Gives people a real reason to break out that middle eastern scarf/shall. And walking through union square last week, it's back. Yessir its definitely back. I've compelled a pile of things that will keep you, and whomever you buy these things for fresh. It's what our president would want us to do, to help the economy. I know here in New York that will never go out of style. You know having a style will never go out of style. Yeah that's what I mean.... yeah...

(Song of the week "Forever"(Remix) Drake Feat. Lil Wayne, Kanye wet (No Homo) & Eminem...) Asher who??? Who is that? Never heard of him Either....