Saturday, April 14, 2018

Oh snap lebrons back in Cleveland

That's not even a joke actually.. I haven't read the sports illustrated letter end to end, frankly I was told it was heartfeld and it had nothing to do with DWade not being DWade in the finals And cleveland having the number one draft pick  for the second time in the last three years And also Allstar possible superstar Kyrie Irving  it had nothing to do with that.. No none of those things; he loves Cleveland so much he couldn't fathom another season  in Miami. I also like the fact that Dan Gilbert and him have "patch things up". Because If Lebron didn't talk to him man to man Dan wouldn't have signed him.. He'll just go out there and find another Lebron James in the free agent market Because Lebron "left him high and dry". 
I like how the media tries to get Bosh and Wade to say bad things about Lebron even 'rio also.. With questions like what's you're advice for playing with Lebron to Kevin Love.. Why didn't they ask Daniel boobie Gibson that question hmm. 
To shift gears the NBA season looks like another good one just when you thought last year was good this year is gonna be (Breaking news Steve Nash will be out for  10-15 games playing musical chairs with his kids pulled his back again.. Ha jus kidding). No 44 minute games where's the love? He's on Cleveland too actually but I'm certain we don't want sports illustrated to publish the letter love left for the wolves.. Or the Garnett one also.. Can Cleveland make the finals? Can San Antonio repeat ? Can DRose stay healthy? Can Westbrook be a "point guard" this and more as the season unfolds.. Let's go.. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Finals Rematch in Full Swing

It's good to see this rematch again. Last year  probably was one of my favorite finals (after the bulls lakers when I was a third grader).. Yesterday was a display of greatness from the spurs.. They've shown no lag from last year and look to claim that title for the fifth time.. What the spurs have to do is get Leonard to put the same effort into stopping lebron two more times.. It's a tall task but it can be done by this soon to be all star.. I still think think this is going 7 games and if it does I give a slight edge to the San Antonio because of their home crowd.. Role players always play better at home so "Sugar K" can shine.. After what happened in game 2 and last year you just can't count out miami no matter that spurs explosion in the first quarter.. They're in the finals because of their adjustments and when they want to Lock down Defense.. On a side note, if Ginobli converts to certain religions, he could instantly now look five maybe ten years younger.. Ill have the intellectuals think about that one.. Can't wait for game four tomorrow.. It's not an elimination game, but miami doesn't want to go back to that river walk  and make it a cake walk for the spurs they're too good..  "Raw Lew" sighting ahh ha.. so that's why they let mike Miller go was wondering.. He's been big for them and he and Bosh might be fighting for corners to make a killing soon 


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kobe, Kobe Milano Kobe

This Video is Dope enjoy..(the three point champion from yesterday is in it and of course Kobe) Nike needs to bring back concepts.. that makes thing much kooler...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stevenson puts the Rucker in trucker out in Indiana

I can't fathom how Lance Stevenson doesn't make the all-star team.. Joe Johnson is good but lance deserved it more.. Maybe they got the Brooklyn thing mixed up. As joe plays for Bklyn but Lance reps Brooklyn..  Maybe..As the Allstar break approaches, the kick game takes a step up.. I wanna try those Kobe masterpieces.. Though Nike I don't think they're made for basketball... Pacman could wear them.. Everywhere.. They are fresh hopefully I can snag a pair.. I will definitely have something... For sale.. There will be a lotta people watch mr. Despicable me himself announce the Allstars.. Hopefully the clipse will be his guests lord willing.. Lord willing7 is also my email.. Check the blog as I grow and progress.. This year things will shift from good to better.. I'm sure.. I'm as bout as sure as Lance Stevenson shoulda been an Allstar sure.. 

Guess who's balling in the pic? I'll give you a hint the person is black and famous (not Lawrence Fishburne folks.. He's the car guy.. and Samuel Jackson is the whats in your wallet guy)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Dwayne Wade is not dead


I just don't get this one.. Dwayne Wade has proven he's an elite player and when he plays well is as good as.. Well , Athlete lebron.. I'm an avid NBA reader. I read alotta articals on basketball. I have never seen the media flip flop more on Wade. One game he doesn't shoot well; he's old.. Next game he plays well "don't count him out guys he's still good"..
 It's plain and simple folks. Wade isn't dead he's playing it smart like he should.. Rest; be ready for when it's really counts. However, don't get too much rest as you're still a vital piece to the heats three-peat. I'm not miami fan.. Not even a Wade fan.. I do respect skill, talent and most of all intelligence.. When he turns it up there's not much you can do. Ask Greg pop about that one.. he'll give you a candid answer.. For proof see game four of the finals; there wasn't much San Antonio could do.. D Wade was just D Wade.. That's why they're superstars; good defense superstar offense..the Wednesday game against big country and the pacers was another example. My only concern is he can't sit out games if they make it to the finals or even against the pacers (which will probably be another rematch and an epic rematch) they know this as he's just tuning up for the pacers.. Lets ask Paul George whether he thinks D Wade is old or Roy " big country" Hibbert..actually lets ask Kevin Drurant.. Tortoise and the here

Happy holidays.. 
(Dwayne wade is not dead folks; on the contrary, the woman in the picture is.. Interesting film worth a gander..)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Wow how bout those finals??? Ill say one thing.. I have never seen two teams get lob-sided wins back to back.. That wasn't good to watch on both sides.. The game of the year might very much be tomorrow..Both teams want it.. (both teams need it for two different reasons) the pressure is in who ?? Still miami in my opinion I mean, Juwan Howard and Tracy McGrady.. All the pressure is in them to make sure everybody is fired up to play..Was gonna say Mike Miller, but his finals performances are Posey/Bowen/slimShadyesque.. He's got my respect. Does he have San Antonio's?    Manu, the reason why you're in a slump is because you're wearing Zoom "LeBron" ten sneakers.. Did lil penny tell you about this strategy?? It did work for penny to dissect the Jordan sneaker.. But wear them... I dunno.. Maybe you can choose another dozen Nike basketball sneakers... Oh and happy Father's Day .. Especially my dad, still working hard and still telling me to leave the city.. Love you dad, but I live my city and love it..  


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Stumbled on a friendly game of horse between the sheens and "Money" (spike Lee voice) best part of this was the show he did  for the crowd in the beginning.. Light stuff for him is top ten dunk stuff right now.. Yup right now 2013.. This was shot in 1986.. Yes kids he was that good.. He did all this wearing a gold chain link.. Greatest player ever folks.. And he's not even wearing Jordan's.. ( think those were terminators..or some other Nike high bball shoe) 
  How bout the playoffs?? First team to 16 injuries wins. if thats the case then i think then Chicago will win.. New York is a close second with an average if two injuries a game... With all these injuries coming on freak accidents, would then the bobcats have a chance next year?? Maybe.. Actually no..