Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Wow how bout those finals??? Ill say one thing.. I have never seen two teams get lob-sided wins back to back.. That wasn't good to watch on both sides.. The game of the year might very much be tomorrow..Both teams want it.. (both teams need it for two different reasons) the pressure is in who ?? Still miami in my opinion I mean, Juwan Howard and Tracy McGrady.. All the pressure is in them to make sure everybody is fired up to play..Was gonna say Mike Miller, but his finals performances are Posey/Bowen/slimShadyesque.. He's got my respect. Does he have San Antonio's?    Manu, the reason why you're in a slump is because you're wearing Zoom "LeBron" ten sneakers.. Did lil penny tell you about this strategy?? It did work for penny to dissect the Jordan sneaker.. But wear them... I dunno.. Maybe you can choose another dozen Nike basketball sneakers... Oh and happy Father's Day .. Especially my dad, still working hard and still telling me to leave the city.. Love you dad, but I live my city and love it..  


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