Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Knicks are Back....

We'll see though they'll be on the road to Start the season.... On another note Mike Bibby isn't as Proven as Billups I don't get that.... Free Billups..... I'm glad I Work Across the street....

Happy Birthday Bunkee


Friday, November 11, 2011

The Heart of A champion

He's so Childish ... Yeah.. Things are coming together now... There's an Idiom book that will finally get published (Don't ask me how I got it done).. McG publishing should take it... And its just beautiful art work from the people of the world.. Frankenstein reporting live from the Lab that album is being put together..... There's only one thing that's wrong there's no basketball being played...... hopefully there's a 72 game season that sounds promising.. Because folks without basketball which bench would Tracy McGrady sit on? He wouldn't have a place to sit and make millions.. and that's why there should be a NBA Season... that's why folks......

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween's Coming

The NBA season looks slim... Since there is no basketball i have taken up watching other things.. on you tube I watched a WNBA game. it was amusing to see so many turnovers and fouls. i almost forgot what they were playing... this made me realize that men's basketball was needed.. I've also started to watch more movies. since there is no NBA season. i recently saw a film from Spain called "la piel que habito" which translates into the skin i live in. it deals with deception and revenge. Revenge that will transform you into a firm believer of locking up criminals, and not letting the families get to them... i do recommend the film to people who have trouble of coming up with a Halloween costume (because it's coming) The doctor can help you... Anyway, after the film concluded I stood there for about ten minutes. In those ten minutes I realized that because there is no basketball many people have to take up watching other people playing basketball (women sorry). so i hope and am confident that basketball will be played again by the professionals...


On a side note the Lebron 9 releases tomorrow I saw them in footlocker today; they look like a training shoe.. but its always the colors that they release that will make the shoe... its the colors.... Yeah.... P.S. Halloween pick for those who don't have a scary film to watch my pick is Dead Silence. Scary and a great story, and plot twist as well... Watch it and tell me what you think..... If you dare......

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Back For The Future

NBA Lock out Still going on I don't think there will be basketball... I am Sad... On Another note Nike Mags are "back"...(I was gonna say "back to the future" but that was too robotic so I'm not gonna say "back to the future" yeah I'm not gonna say it...) Check out the Promo pretty fresh actually. Please settle and lets have basketball... i'm really not hyped to play 2k12.

KickStart Photos coming soon as well the procrastination will end soon....


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Captain Prime Time

Just Watched two interesting HOF speeches (that stands for Hall of Fame).The first one was dy Dennis Rodman.. who was outfitted by Austin Powers.. and Deion "Capain Optimus Prime Time" Sanders Pictured above.. Both were very interesting... Rodman was much more emotional yet sanders was more enthusiastic... they both were great players during their playing careers (Football and Basketball).. Deion in my opinion was the greatest cornerback ever... yeah ever... and as Deion spoke we began to see why.. there were alot of "haters" Deion spoke of..... more so in a general sense.. he called out a lot of people but then when he heard the criticism he though of his mother... so who does he think of when he's happy... his father maybe....overall I though because of them having the floor they can clear the air and Deion did just that.. where Rodman was just thankful to be alive... and he mentioned that many times... to the point to where is he trying to tell us something??? or he just like telling us he shouldn't be here.... to sum up both were emotionally driven.. but on two different spectrum... I really wonder what Kevin Garnett will do when he does his speech... all I can say is he will not need a mic... the whole building will be able to hear him I can guarantee it... yes Sir..


Monday, August 1, 2011

Phony post

In case you can't pronounce this post use the F sound instead of the p sound. A lot of things has happened in a month. One thing which is very important is the anniversary of this blog. The blog is now in pre school and this is a metaphor "ovcourse" (inside joke)but its been four years and there has been progress in every year. Its all about infecting truth and talking about kicks.. Since I live right across from where the nike. Summer basketball tournament takes place I wanted to know the kicks their wearing .. I'll have pics for those this week as well as some more leaked pics.. And coming fall some promo pics and more expansion..

Need a KickStart?
(PS this is my first phone post hence the post topic.. Crafty isn't it?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just Made It Into June

First Thing I Have to Congratulate the Dallas Mavs For winning a Title (Their First). I'll confess one thing to you (ok two things) First, I was actually rooting for the villains. Why?.. because of the all non believers who thought the lebrons would fail.. They kind of did but earlier in the year and the season all were riding Bostons bandwagon.... There were more people than i thought; especially when they couldn't beat Boston (Asterisk in the reg season). People all say They were beat by the better team (Dallas)... I agree with this to a point. But Doesn't this make Next Season Interesting Can The Insidious Six return to the finals??? Hopefully we can see... I hope there's no lockout.. if there is then Luke Ridnuoir will be out of a Job again.. I saw him applying to Macy's on 34th street (I teach there... Hey Class. Not Macy's Somewhere Else). I want to make Sure Luke and his family are ok I mean What would the game of basketball be without Luke Ridnoir (I'm Pretty Sure i Spelled his name wrong again) ?? Really ..... ha..

Finals Kicks (Yes my First Kick Post in a While but these R Fire... or Heat.. You choose.... Zoom Lebron 8 V2 Finals Edition)

Birthdays Coming up... Me and KickStart.. I Mean KickStart and I... Yes I Am a Teacher... but only on The Weekdays......


Lupe Fiasco - Out Of My Head [ft. Trey Songz]

Post Number two... A descent Song Folks (Though This doesn't show his Lyrical Prowess Too much) Lupe is Still The Best Rapper Alive... Yes...Sir...

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Out Of My Head [ft. Trey Songz]

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Am Not A Role Model

ahh the good old days when many Nike athletes had their own commercials... but this one was different..... revolutionary... I agree 100% with Sir Charles... Just ask Antonio Chromartie...... yeah ask him....

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Foamposite Fiasco

Was in Flight Club the Other Day (IF you don't know who they are get familiar)and saw another color of the cult status shoe the foamposite... This has to be one of Nike's most famous shoe of all time in my opinion... i think they're damaging the shoe with all these crazy color releases ( ok the neon green ones were hott. but they would've been hotter if they took that orthopedic nike check off the side). my favorite color has to be the OG color. the one that started all the hype the only color that needs to be produced. and reproduced.. I'm not sure what they're doing but if they keep it up i think every team in the NBA will have a color way no Nike ID....
In other notes I've got OKC and Miami in the finals.. I've got exactly 6 dollars on it... yes i said it six dollars..... I''m watching these "heatles" take on the bulls as I type this.... If i had six dollars for every time someone starts their sentence with "I'm taking my talents to..... I'd be in a condo in Miami....

Need a KickStart.....


P.S. (Giulia, I'll be back next time You defeated me... I lost badly.. But i'll be back yes... Best Out of Three yeah...)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lupe Is the Best Rapper Alive Folks

Had to Share this... the more I listen to this the more I see how Atlantic was trying to "pop"ularize Lupe...... not allowing him to show how good lyrically he really is... This is a return to form here... "Photo this as I ocho this" " laxing like the airport in the city of Los Angels" He's still light years ahead..... (Videos coming soon Ill post it as sooon as the shoot it) 'teef

Playoffs ... Finally Here

Finally. this has been the season I have been waiting for. With all the Hype that has been looming over this post season it has finally come..... I going to make a bold statement. I think the Knicks have a legitimate chance of winning against Boston. Yeah i said it big whoop wanna fight about it?? (if you watch Fam Guy then you know what I mean if you don' i suggest you get familiar...) I am New York City to the heart and I actually mean this... I think they can win they have proven scorers and Mr. Big Shot with the wisdom to guide and show them... I also think the Lakers get back to the finals... and guess who I believe they'll meet..... Yeah Folks "Heatles"... Now I'm gonna run back to watch the Blazers beat the Unicorns... I mean Mavs.......


(KickStart Promo Stickers Coming soon Finally) Also thats just a random Spring picture I wanted to use a picture to catch your eye.... Yeah just your eye...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lasers Pretty Good Album

I am a big Lupe Fiasco Fan........ I'm actually proud to say that. Can a grown man be a fan of something..... or really Someone? Seriously?? As I type this I'm actually listening to "All Black Everything" which i feel is the best track on the album.... this is where you see his talent.. or we can say his gift.... You can also see how NaS has influenced him.. this song could easily be a track on one of NaS' albums (not nastradamus... except for that one I'm sorry Folks butt its true). I'm glad it was released.... Many thanks to that Lupe BLog I think they do him justice (lupefiasco-lupend) Since I teach and educate I guess I'm not a loser... I guess I'm a Teacher.... Yeah I'm a Teacher... I mean LASER...... and lasers are the future... So I'm also the future... Are you a laser to?

Las? or Los?


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey

Here are some words I've never said




Think thats it. Scroll Down for New Music from the greatest Rapper Alive right now ( along with 'Wayne)

Back with Shoes and KickStarting'


New Music: Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey (Prod. by Alex Da Kid)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I maybe Wrong (But i doubt It)

Dwight Makeyamakeya Free throws... 2nd Best Power Forward Ever (sorry Mailman) That swimmer from Texas is Number One... Michael Phelps........ yeah Mike Phepls..... ha