Thursday, October 30, 2008

NBA Guards (who shoot)

My top ten Shooting guards (not gonna say much this post speaks for itself.... as well as that mask above me).

1. Kobe Bryant (Black Mamba), relentless scorer, best scorer in NBA, MVP of the league plays on both sides of court, (offensive and defense). 3X NBA champion. Literally unguardable, can score anywhere on court. Ultimate, confident clutch performer. Plays with strength lives with honor.

2. Dwayne Wade (Flash), Relentless scorer, plays defense, open court master. 3pt shooting flawed, will return with a vengeance again this season. Quick first step, good passer, pure scorer. Clutch performer. NBA champion.

3. Tracy McGrady (T-Mac), Another pure scorer, injuries have slowed him down; can score from anywhere on floor, ok defender, decent passer. Clutch performer.

4. Allen Iverson (The Answer), Age hasn’t slowed him down, quick first step, can score from anywhere in the paint, MVP, clutch performer, ok passer, superb defender, ultimate slasher, great body control.

5. Ray Allen (ray-ray) NBA Champion, best shooter in the NBA Period (sorry Nash), lethal 3pt shooter, improved defender, decent passer, puts the “shooting” in shooting guard, all rhythm no blues.

6. Vince Carter (Vinsanity; Half man-Half Amazing), great scorer, decent passer, unmatched- air time and body control, decent clutch performer, decent 3pt shooter. On the decline though, hopefully his health will hold up as he gets older.

7. Emanuel Ginobili (Manu), Fearless slasher, great defender, clutch performer, good shooter, unmatched driving confidence, could be more durable. NBA champion. Should come back this season with a vengeance.

8. Richard Hamilton (RIP), unmatched stamina, Good scorer, good defender, NBA champion, only couple good seasons, can be slowed down, a great jump shooter in the game. Not a 3pt threat.

9. Ben Gordon (BG), still a bright future, decent passer, developing clutch performer, great jump shot, good 3pt shooter, will be an all-star, decent defender.

10. Joe Johnson (JJ) another breakout year, great scorer, lethal 3pt shooter, decent jump shot, good passer, point guard handling skills, all-star. Not a clutch performer, bad defender, prone to injury.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Damn. (Starring Penny Hardaway)

A new piece I just call just "damn"; this one involves Anfernee "Penny Hardaway". Just a couple of lines and then some pics. No more . No Less. (Air penny 2 retro out now both colors $135-140 price range)

Will be Back with the shooting guard ranks ( I didn't forget just been busy).

Saturday, October 18, 2008

And Here....... We............Go

2nd annual top Ten at their position. Its been a long time coming for this. There have been some significant changes on this list. I've had to sit down and think objectively who is in the top ten because the PG position is getting deeper than you think. Red Rose. We all know how it goes I'll post 'em and you can debate 'em but the list doesn't lie Here they are:

1. Chris Paul, Hornets (20,11&5, can get anywhere on the floor, a game changer decent clutch performer will be an MVP when his career is done, and doesn't turn the ball over).

2. Baron Davis, Clippers (20,8&4, yes he's still on the rise he should've been an all star he should get his due this year hopefully, sorry Roy. A relentless speed and power combination, has not faded at all. Great passer, streaky shooter but he is capable of leading the league in scoring and assists ,yes i said it.)

3. Steve Nash, Suns (18&10, still good but fading naturally, his minutes will go down but the production will still be there, he is a HOFer now. He's been dropping 18&11 for about 4 straight seasons, that's pretty productive).

4. Jason Kidd, Mavs (10,10,6 still good as well, still can run the floor, always a floor general, was a little exposed in the playoffs to the man on the throne, but he will have another solid full year with the Mavs.)

5. Deron Williams, Jazz (18&10Still rising, as good as Paul but not the floor leader he is, where Paul is quick Deron is strong, sometimes turns the ball over though, can he get the Jazz over the hump this year?)

6.Tony Parker, Spurs (16&6 The fastest guard in the league sorry Leandro, decent shooter, decent passer has been to the big dance before but has he reached his peak? Will he elevate his game?)

7. Gilbert Arenas, Wizards ( 25&6 when healthy he's a top five player in the league he's here because of his relentless ability to score, not really a PG though).

8. Chauncey Billups, Pistons (16&7 A solid PG almost as strong as B-Diddy but a better shooter, kind of forgotten with all the Paul, Williams talk but can you blame us?)

9. Mike Bibby, Hawks (15&6 might rise in the rankings with all those wing players at his disposable, his assists will go up, and the hawks wins will go up with him there. Just as he did in Sacramento, they were a Bobby Horry heave away from the finals, actually a referee away my bad.)

10. Andre Miller, Sixers ( Lost but not forgotten, the sixers were good because they have someone to distribute the ball and with brand, miller and Iggi they will be a legit playoff team, miller plays a bigger role than you think.)

I will explain more in-depth next post, SG's are next.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Top Ten Best NBA players At their Position Coming Soon

I'm working on it as we speak, (well.... as I speak) a lot of movement coming into the new season. Players have stepped up and solidified themselves as the top players at their position. I'm a big NBA fan (always have been) I give respect when respect is due. A number of people have sent me emails explaining why a player should be #1 not#2 on my list. I've got no prob with that, but this is based on a number of things that they do to make them great at their position (point guards handle the team, power forwards and centers hold down the paint etc). All NBA players at a point in their lives were great basketball players, but then there's the best of the best. Ive broken them down to just top ten. I've got a question, who's the best player in the NBA? Kobe, Lebron, Paul(Chris not Pierce but his stock has risen as well), nope Scot Pollard people. Scot Pollard...


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chris Pauls New Shoe

Courtesy of who released the picture. They look very similar to the AJ23's but they're definitely better than last year. should be out just in time to go trick or treating in them. Working on the second edition of the top ten best players at their position (See Archives for last year). Players have elevated up into the top ten from last year and players have dropped from the top ten as well. The NBA season is around the corner. Also there's a new house of hoops opening up in LA. Might have to take a trip out there, never been to LA before...

'teef ( If your in the New York City Area Check out Flight Club Greene in NYC.. put some stuff up for sale , Classic Infrared AM 90's size 11, and AJ 7 retro Cardinal 10.5 if you really want them contact me via Email to work on a more suitable price).