Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Finals Rematch in Full Swing

It's good to see this rematch again. Last year  probably was one of my favorite finals (after the bulls lakers when I was a third grader).. Yesterday was a display of greatness from the spurs.. They've shown no lag from last year and look to claim that title for the fifth time.. What the spurs have to do is get Leonard to put the same effort into stopping lebron two more times.. It's a tall task but it can be done by this soon to be all star.. I still think think this is going 7 games and if it does I give a slight edge to the San Antonio because of their home crowd.. Role players always play better at home so "Sugar K" can shine.. After what happened in game 2 and last year you just can't count out miami no matter that spurs explosion in the first quarter.. They're in the finals because of their adjustments and when they want to Lock down Defense.. On a side note, if Ginobli converts to certain religions, he could instantly now look five maybe ten years younger.. Ill have the intellectuals think about that one.. Can't wait for game four tomorrow.. It's not an elimination game, but miami doesn't want to go back to that river walk  and make it a cake walk for the spurs they're too good..  "Raw Lew" sighting ahh ha.. so that's why they let mike Miller go was wondering.. He's been big for them and he and Bosh might be fighting for corners to make a killing soon