Friday, December 20, 2013

Dwayne Wade is not dead


I just don't get this one.. Dwayne Wade has proven he's an elite player and when he plays well is as good as.. Well , Athlete lebron.. I'm an avid NBA reader. I read alotta articals on basketball. I have never seen the media flip flop more on Wade. One game he doesn't shoot well; he's old.. Next game he plays well "don't count him out guys he's still good"..
 It's plain and simple folks. Wade isn't dead he's playing it smart like he should.. Rest; be ready for when it's really counts. However, don't get too much rest as you're still a vital piece to the heats three-peat. I'm not miami fan.. Not even a Wade fan.. I do respect skill, talent and most of all intelligence.. When he turns it up there's not much you can do. Ask Greg pop about that one.. he'll give you a candid answer.. For proof see game four of the finals; there wasn't much San Antonio could do.. D Wade was just D Wade.. That's why they're superstars; good defense superstar offense..the Wednesday game against big country and the pacers was another example. My only concern is he can't sit out games if they make it to the finals or even against the pacers (which will probably be another rematch and an epic rematch) they know this as he's just tuning up for the pacers.. Lets ask Paul George whether he thinks D Wade is old or Roy " big country" Hibbert..actually lets ask Kevin Drurant.. Tortoise and the here

Happy holidays.. 
(Dwayne wade is not dead folks; on the contrary, the woman in the picture is.. Interesting film worth a gander..)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Wow how bout those finals??? Ill say one thing.. I have never seen two teams get lob-sided wins back to back.. That wasn't good to watch on both sides.. The game of the year might very much be tomorrow..Both teams want it.. (both teams need it for two different reasons) the pressure is in who ?? Still miami in my opinion I mean, Juwan Howard and Tracy McGrady.. All the pressure is in them to make sure everybody is fired up to play..Was gonna say Mike Miller, but his finals performances are Posey/Bowen/slimShadyesque.. He's got my respect. Does he have San Antonio's?    Manu, the reason why you're in a slump is because you're wearing Zoom "LeBron" ten sneakers.. Did lil penny tell you about this strategy?? It did work for penny to dissect the Jordan sneaker.. But wear them... I dunno.. Maybe you can choose another dozen Nike basketball sneakers... Oh and happy Father's Day .. Especially my dad, still working hard and still telling me to leave the city.. Love you dad, but I live my city and love it..  


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Stumbled on a friendly game of horse between the sheens and "Money" (spike Lee voice) best part of this was the show he did  for the crowd in the beginning.. Light stuff for him is top ten dunk stuff right now.. Yup right now 2013.. This was shot in 1986.. Yes kids he was that good.. He did all this wearing a gold chain link.. Greatest player ever folks.. And he's not even wearing Jordan's.. ( think those were terminators..or some other Nike high bball shoe) 
  How bout the playoffs?? First team to 16 injuries wins. if thats the case then i think then Chicago will win.. New York is a close second with an average if two injuries a game... With all these injuries coming on freak accidents, would then the bobcats have a chance next year?? Maybe.. Actually no..  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The "Barkley Posite"

I posted this for Kobe who's on his smart phone when hes not tweeting.... check history basketball by Sir Charles shoes by Nike...

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Wow the trade deadline was a dead line.. Anyway, the playoffs are approaching fast.. Always after the Allstar break things go fast and pickup..congrats to the future MVP Chris Paul for getting the Allstar MVP The first clipper to ever have won that award ever.. If the clippers can return to their dominance during that 17 game winning streak he's got my vote for most valuable.. (Edit LeBron is the MVP right now and probably the winner unless the heat loose they're last ten games)... Without him they're just.. Just .the clippers.. in my opinion the lakers will make the playoffs and they'll win. Ahh I'm just kidding.. I actually believe they will make it but they'll have a long road to get back to the mountain top.. Kobe can carry them on his back but he needs help.. Don't look to Dwight his back isn't 100 percent.. he's only averaging a double double (numbers slightly above joakim Noah ).. He's only shooting above 60 percent from the field no you can't count on him he's not one hundred percent

Pic courtesy of New Balance.. Those are for sale actually.. KickStart is back to help KickStart.. Check also search on eBay
Username: Alesserevilny

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy B-day Mike Jordan

who would win in a bout between Jordan and Magic??? Listen to the man himself.... (Wonder where he keeps those old jump suits... someone could make millions on Ebay just going in his attic.. hey Jeff there's another venture you can take on that you wont feel any pressure... hey if you don't wanna do it i'll do it.... just Saying....

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Houston, these RayGuns are a problem

These young bloodzzz says Rasheed Wallace... Well say what you say, but this guys nephew can play basketball.. (Not Rasheed's nephew folks.. though the ball probably won't lie to him either) We can see where Kyrie got his skills from .. We can also see where he got his looks from also.. Anyway this All-star stuff is much hyped.. But me being kickstart (now also on twitter.. Follow if you like) the dubbed "raygun pack" has to be one of the most anticipated of the year.. If you've seen the force max rayguns then you've seen too much.. This is what Nike has lacked in its main line of kicks.. What happened Nike to the signature style?.. To even rarer colors.?. (the lebron X has about ten colors and only a few look descent) kickstart will probably have the area force maxes for sale via the blog or eBay (most likely Instagram) the lebron x Allstar edition (picture coming soon) should be available through us also...

What I'm watching this all star game is always the shoes ...but also how Melo and Garnett get along.. Usually they have the annual legends breakfast.. will anyone order honey nut Cheerios? and what will they taste like ?? My money's on Isiah Thomas.. The real one not the other one (no offense to the other one) yeah he'll request for that... he has no problem with honey...nope

Ps ill will have the force max area (72rayguns) but not sure of the size... Lebrons ill get size 10.5 and 11.. Email me or contact me through Instagram (s_is_for_sonla). Watch this "old kat" school these "young bloods" below