Sunday, January 17, 2010

LeBron, Your Avatar for Dallas is Complete

Those Na'vi probably wouldn't be able to check Lebron with these on his feet or not...... bunch of Manute Bol's........ (Hey that's the best picture of the year in my eyes.... don get it twisted that movie was insane.....Somewhere in Downtown Toronto Chris Bosh is wondering where is royalty check is gonna come in..... maybe it'll be in NYC jus maybe...)

back with all-star picks next week..... (pic courtesy of Hypebeast)


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Thats what the lady at my local chinese restaurant told me. I then asked her for some duck sauce. Yea Duck sauce. Any way happy new year the blog overhaul is almost complete. As well as the twitter acount (as promised for 2010) so i'm guessing more people will be here. I'd better clean my room.

(Zoom kobe's are still for sale unfornately only one pair of each sold so i still have the 10.5's here ready to ship. scroll down for the pics of both colors). Lets "Kickstart" 2010

(had a tiger post i'm going to hold until its starts dying down..... Guess you guys will never see it... Happy health care as well...It's going to be a good year.. I can smell it...... you tell me what 2010 smells like to you......) Happy New Year