Sunday, March 24, 2013


Wow the trade deadline was a dead line.. Anyway, the playoffs are approaching fast.. Always after the Allstar break things go fast and pickup..congrats to the future MVP Chris Paul for getting the Allstar MVP The first clipper to ever have won that award ever.. If the clippers can return to their dominance during that 17 game winning streak he's got my vote for most valuable.. (Edit LeBron is the MVP right now and probably the winner unless the heat loose they're last ten games)... Without him they're just.. Just .the clippers.. in my opinion the lakers will make the playoffs and they'll win. Ahh I'm just kidding.. I actually believe they will make it but they'll have a long road to get back to the mountain top.. Kobe can carry them on his back but he needs help.. Don't look to Dwight his back isn't 100 percent.. he's only averaging a double double (numbers slightly above joakim Noah ).. He's only shooting above 60 percent from the field no you can't count on him he's not one hundred percent

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