Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lupe Is the Best Rapper Alive Folks

Had to Share this... the more I listen to this the more I see how Atlantic was trying to "pop"ularize Lupe...... not allowing him to show how good lyrically he really is... This is a return to form here... "Photo this as I ocho this" " laxing like the airport in the city of Los Angels" He's still light years ahead..... (Videos coming soon Ill post it as sooon as the shoot it) 'teef

Playoffs ... Finally Here

Finally. this has been the season I have been waiting for. With all the Hype that has been looming over this post season it has finally come..... I going to make a bold statement. I think the Knicks have a legitimate chance of winning against Boston. Yeah i said it big whoop wanna fight about it?? (if you watch Fam Guy then you know what I mean if you don' i suggest you get familiar...) I am New York City to the heart and I actually mean this... I think they can win they have proven scorers and Mr. Big Shot with the wisdom to guide and show them... I also think the Lakers get back to the finals... and guess who I believe they'll meet..... Yeah Folks "Heatles"... Now I'm gonna run back to watch the Blazers beat the Unicorns... I mean Mavs.......


(KickStart Promo Stickers Coming soon Finally) Also thats just a random Spring picture I wanted to use a picture to catch your eye.... Yeah just your eye...