Friday, February 24, 2012

Sales Sells Shells Shalls Shoes... KickStart

gonna keep it brief i have shoes to sell for sale. I'm selling.... check them on eBay.... bid early and often... i take questions and concerns and cash money as well.. The NBA season is at the halfway pint.. There was a time where i though there wouldn't be an NBA season..... Boy is Jeremy Lin happy there was an NBA season... I don't know where he'd be able to work with a degree from Harvard... Yeah he just has no options; it's either basketball, or his mothers couch... with a degree from Harvard you really cant do anything else but play basketball.. That's why he went to Harvard to play basketball just like Obama... How bout him though.... minus the turnovers he's a pretty descent guard or as spike says it "god"...
gotta run have shoes to sell.. ebay Seller KickStart