Monday, July 26, 2010

Miami Three Party (Part Deux)

Ive had time to put things in perspective about this team that is being assembled down in south bitch. i mean beach. As a was thinking how Lebron put Cleavland on the map as far as taking a small market team and putting it on a bigger market. He did all these things.... economics revenue and so on that he doesn't get a penny for. ( He does already get enough money though.... so it evens out) they (particularly Danny Ferry and now Dan Gilbert for that classless letter he put out to fans...) didn't get good players around him... Now he does have a chance.... but back to Gilbert.... I feel Lebron did what was good for him and his family. he listened to his family and then he thought about what matters most to him and should to anyone who puts on a uniform for any sport, winning. He felt Miami is building a winning attitude. I believe they are. He even got big Z to go with him. ( but just him and maybe Varejao but not too many players from Cleveland because that's where he left.... right ...) Part three I evaluate whether they can actually win... cause that's what matters right?

Dam Chris Paul was satisfied with what NO front office office said to him; as being from NYC theres still a chance...... right? theres still a chance..... said Spike Lee

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anniversary (Miami Three Party?) Part One

Not gonna put up any more pics of the biggest free agent move, possibly ever. ( this can be argued but who under 25 is gonna argue with me?? unless your 35 saying your 25; some women do that......) Many people have expressed their opinions about this move. I feel they should've put better players around him to enable him to achieve a title. Kobe Bryant pleaded them to trade him not too long ago and look what happened. It motivated them to get players around him that they can build; now they can start winning multiple titles (which they have started already). What did they do. Nothing... They did nothing. Couldn't get a steal trade as LA had. You can't blame him he wants to win. And that is why Mike Miller is now a Miami Heat.... He's no longer a Timberwolf... Because they couldn't bring better players around him... I am just kidding... but you know who's not kidding, Dan "Cobra Commander" Gilbert. Why are you mad son? Your organization couldn't get better players around him.... It's your fault...... Now Jordan, C'mon, your gonna compare Magic and Bird to Wade and Bosh?? Its not the same; I think Bosh isnt as good as Pippen... now..... he has room for improvement though; he has grown into a 20-10 guy.. just like Dennis did right? These guys are in their primes I wonder what Malone thinks about this ?? Do you think he had the guts to leave the Jazz and play with another team??? Part 2 of this is coming next week.... this is some sort of rant this time......Haven't done this in a while..

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Amare and the Giant Apple

Well at least one.... I think having him on the team will give the Knicks a boost in ticket sales. (not that big a boost). I agree with Sir Charles (i don't always agree with what he says) he needs to average 10+ rebounds at least once in his career. He has a chance in NYC to do that. Bosh and Wade have hooked up (no homo). Now the other two have completed the deal. Amare and Spike Lee. Get ready NYC... are you ready.....

(As I wrote this just got word that Spain has defeated Deutchland 1-nil. Congrats to Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, act Belize doesn't speak Spanish but they're down there..,Panama, Cuba, DR, PR, for defeating Germany. Spain couldn't have done it without you.... Spain thanks you for rooting for Spain..... They will be visiting these countries to party.......)