Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Pics

Courtesy of MJ and numerous websites. A great collage of pictures from when he started, to the press conference before when he departed. He will be missed all over the world.
(Reflect Here.)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Icon Passes

My favorite artist growing up. I was going to put up some pics of him, but I want to focus more on this paragraph than the pictures. (it's hard to single out my favorite video of him; i had so many,when I do I'll post it here). it's hard to put in to a paragraph what and how an impact he had on growing up watching him. I've never been to any of his shows but my mom bought all his albums and the video's as well. i can say he's the first artist I've seen that is popular in every part of the world. i can't think of anyone else who was ( or ever will be ) that successful. He was a talent who could sing and dance on a level no one has ever compared to (or ever will be). I will be 45 and still dancing along with "beat it" (smooth criminal as well the full version the moonwalker version). Some people won't admit it but if your a true fan you will. There are not many facts that everyone can agree on now a days; but one thing we can all agree on Michael Jackson was the greatest performing artist all over the world. No one has inspired more musicians in every genre than him, no one. "Can't you See; the moon is walking".

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lakers back on Top of The NBA

What if...... What if the Lakers duo of Shaq and Kobe never broke up? What if Kobe never asked to be traded? What if Bynum never got injured? What if Phil never agreed to coach the Lakers again? What if Gasol played like Stoudemire around the basket? What if Odom (Middle village, Queens) never agreed with going to the bench? What if Lebron defeated the magic in 7? What if the magic never got Rafer Alston (Bayside, Queens)? What if Dwight Howard had post moves? What if Kobe Bryant wasn't a Laker? It was a long road to get to where they are now but it didn't take as long as it is going to take the bobcats to win a title. Maybe Boris Diaw needs to demand the bobcats to get better or trade him. Maybe then they will end up like the Lakers. Right? If it were only that easy........ Only in fairy tail land those things happen....... Congrats to the Lakers and their finals MVP Kobe Bryant.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Triumphant Return

Dam. After popular demand. ( I guess) the OG color has returned. I was supposed to be retired from buying shoes, but all the great ones can't stay away. The allure of going back is just to much to cope with. (Except if your addicted to drugs like heroine, PCP, cocaine and cigarettes then you must stay away from any allure of going back. And ah ah ah ah ah-alcohol also, but this one can be the hardest to stay away from). I mean it this will be the last shoe I buy. I'm supposed to be " Kickstarting" myself into a business. Bon Chance said my boy whose in France as we speak (type if ur technical; read if your smart). Bon Chance.