Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is rondo the best point guard..?

Depends on who you ask.. In my opinion no.. Ill talk about that later.. The first thing I want to talk about is the Brooklyn nets defeating the Knicks last night.. If u don't know the rivalry now things are getting thicker.. (Serena williams thick..) I work down the block from MSG.. I live in Bklyn.. Who should I support?? Of course I'm gonna support the wizards.. Just as nene has guided them.. Just kidding.. But you know who's not kidding Lebron James Harden.. What a run.. if he keeps this up he will get my vote to start the all star game.. And my coach. Mike "whoa the lakers really hate Phil (except for Jeanie)" D'Antoni .. I still have my money on the clippers ( barring that previous road trip).. Overall it's a good time to be a basketball fan.. Even better to live in Bklyn .. As for rondo he's probably number three ( just inched above Westbrook but he's improved his passing as well) best in the business remains Paul.. Gotta go sell these foamposites.. peace

(Anyone interested email me have 10.5 and 11)