Saturday, February 23, 2008

Coming in March

Don't need to say more about these; only thing i will say is I'm angry they are part of the countdown pack. So you know which ones are gonna be bundled with these... Don't Sleep you might miss them.


Farewell Kidd: End Of An Era

Last week there was a big trade that affected my favorite NY/NJ Team the New Jersey Nets. They traded away one of the best Point guards in the game Jason Kidd (he went back to the Dallas Mavericks his original team who drafted him in 1994). Even watching their games now post Kidd on TV feels weird. I'm waiting to see a highlight pass or a lob to one of Kidd's teammates running the break with him. He was really a special player. When he came here in 2001 he said to all the media that he expected to make the playoffs his first season. There were not many believers that summer day. After two finals appearances and numerous division titles things came full circle going into this season. I think after the nets choosing not to extend his contract after seeing them give Vince Carter a pretty big deal was the final straw. Not to mention the team's up and down season with numerous loosing streaks, and lack of fire on the court. It was truly sad to see him leave. But he's got his eyes on the prize; a title, and him going back to Dallas who are a legitimate contender without him , with him they should be a tough out for any team. So thanks Kidd and it is truly an end of an era with the Nets.(he got 61 of his 99 triple doubles with the nets.) In my eyes because I didn't see Dr J. play every day but i do appreciate him, Kidd is the best Net to ever put on a uniform. They will retire his Jersey in Brooklyn. (above he hoisted the eastern conference championship back in '02 I believe, also are his kicks while playing for the nets Zoom Flight 5, my favorite ones he wore).

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Zoom Kobe 3 on Nike Basketball

Its been a couple of weeks, been very busy working. (both in life and on this blog). Still working on the background of the blog (The gray will change soon...) I wanted something memorable, unique, and true to the blog (Kicks and "Everything in between"). So thats coming very soon.

Now back to Kobe. I went over to the Nike basketball site to check if there were any all star kicks up yet (which there weren't they have been lacking in updating it seems...). I stumbled on the page the created for him and his newly released ZK3. Definitely a fan of these over last year's version, much lighter and lower to the ground. They are availabe and it'll run you about $130.