Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Garnett to Boston

It finally happened, Kevin Garnett has been traded to the Boston Celtics, to join all-stars Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. To be honest the balance of power in the Atlantic Division has shifted again, to the New England squad up there. They're already promoting season tickets for the Celtics with Garnett's name. how will they fare? i believe they definitely make the playoffs but their defensive intensity remains to be seen. Can Garnett get his teamates to play defense? hopefully they stay healthy because they don't really have a bench. this will be good in the reg. season, but the in the playoffs foul trouble and fatigue play a much bigger role. Can they beat Detroit? can they even beat Miami? (Wade's back with something to prove.) This will unfold as the season goes on. They got a warrior in KG, he will show up and give 110 percent. (more on this later.)

Air Jordan Retro 8 (Aqua)

They're coming, Air jordan retro 8 the original Aqua blue color. These were released back in 1993 and now they are back for another round. They pretty much look the same except they seem to be "bluer" the the OG's. they should be around $145 and on sale mid-late september (22nd to be exact). They're also a general release so they weren't made in limited quantites, but these were hot so they should sell out. (Thanx to Flight Club for the pic more on them later.)


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Food For Thought (Goodbye Copeland's.)

One of my favorite spots to eat up in Harlem has just closed down. (Thats the founder of Copelands he's still alive .) i just wanted to say peace, to all those good meals i got with my fam. and friends. i'm gonna miss this place. the building that was housed by the restaurants (there a take out side and dine in side.) was sold and he couldn't pay the rent that was increased. After looking at and/or buying kicks i would go there after to get a good meal. (it was on 145 bet amsterdam and broadway.) they served people for over 40 years. I wished they could've bought the whole building so they wouldn't be forced out. Why didn't he and his family do that ? Instead of paying rent they could've paid money to their mortgage. Another part of the city being closed down because of the ever changing harlem. And NYC as well, everywhere i go around, there's a new building going up, we've got to be a part of this too. Goodbye to a great restaurant one of my favorites.


The Agassi Emblem

Here's one of the Agassi embelm's i was talking about that nike can't use anymore. The shoes were from the his line they're called the Air Flare's first released in 1998, colors were released up intil 2000. be back Tom with some Vick news.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Air Tech Challenge's (1and 2)

Just a few more colors some haven't seen

(the ones in the middle are the air flares where the swoosh sign was where the A emblem was, both shoes are retro's.)

US Open Coming In a Month

I'm about 5 minutes from Flushing Meadows so the US open was always literally in my backyard. Tennis isn't my favorite sport but when you saw them build Arthur Ashe stadium, right in your backyard so to speak, you'll try to check it out. i've seen great matches (Federer, Nadal. Sampras, Hweitt, the Williams sisters) but my fav player has to be Andre Agassi (he won it in 1994). his gear was crazy, especially in the earlier days. so here's a few pics of him, i actually own two pairs of his shoes line (which was made by Nike.) but since he moved over to Adidas nike can't use his name or anything that was used to promote him anymore. So the numerous shoes that were re-released by nike don't have any of his OG emblems (the "A" ,and the flaming tennis ball.) So the people who have the original ones hold on to them, the more nike produces them the more yours stand out.


Air Max Stat 2 (360 BB 2)

I came across these in a catalog in NYC . Because of how they look they could be the Air max 360 BB 2's but people have been telling me that they are Amare Stoudemire's new signature shoes. They have the new Nike 360 degree air bubble like the first ones (the ones with the strap), i also put a picture (Above) of Amare wearing these in one of the USA team practices the other day. I believe they will be released towards the end of 2007. (chrismtas season) when i get more info i'll post.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finding Forever

Hip-Hop in my opinion has taken some hits, but Common seems to roll with the punches. he makes real Hip Hop music, which is a pure art form, he's one of its greatest mediums. His Forthcoming album should be in stores next tuesday. i heard most of the tracks already and i believe it should be an instant classic. especially among a lot of other things that come out, stuff i believe really dosen't take much effort to produce. There aren't many artists out there now that can lyrically Contend with Common. (only a select few i'll talk about those few later.) but i had to mention his album because the first two tracks ("the Game" and "People") were co-produced by my favorite DJ, DJ Premier who's old school and never changes. Both tracks are instant classics. as I believe the album will be.

(When I first saw the picture I thought he had on a wig, but when you look at it carefully, its a hood he's got on.)

Zoom Air & Zoom BB

Over at the nike site they put together some promotion info on the release of the new Zoom BB, the technology however is not new. They've been using Zoom air for over a decade. they first started using it in the Andre Agassi Line, but what made it most famous was when Penny Hardaway wore those Zoom flight 96's at the olympics. Those were an instant classic. Actually I heard news that they're going to re-release those. ill have info and pics of them next time.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Zoom BB

When i first saw these i thought they were boxing shoes. (especially the high tops.) when the NBA playoffs were going on i noticed my fav. teams's leader, Jason Kidd was wearing something different. Something new. He was wearing these.. The high top versions. Of-course he wore PE's (Player Exclusives.) Black and Red patent leather, if i rem. correctly. (Tony Parker and Steve Nash had them too, Nash had the Low tops. all PE's) they should be out around mid august and Nike has alot of colors for the highs and lows. they look light, which is always good to ball in. Should be around 110.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Air Bakin'

Another Nike retro basketball shoe. This shoe was worn by Tim Hardaway when he played for the Miami Heat. I believe these came out back in 1997. A good basketball shoe to play in. Nowadays, not many people can get away with wearing basketball kicks everyday. thats where dunks have came in and took over. They should be out now they had a late july release, they're probably around $125.


Friday, July 20, 2007

NBA Games Fixed?

I don't know if its true, but on the website it talks about the FBI investigating it. it was said that an NBA veteran official bet on games he called. i hope this isn't true but going back to some of the games i would watch some calls were questionable it makes you wonder now. this is not a good thing for the NBA. just when they were getting a handle on the calls with the no tolerance techs, and players showing no emotion. If they ever release the officials name and games this will be a trail of fire leading back to where he first started officiating. The plot thickens.

NBA All-Star Game in NO

i just saw on NBA.com earlier that the all-star game will take place in New Orleans next year. If i can get off from work i'd go down there just to show support. It will actually take place in the New Orleans arena where the Hornets will resuume playing this coming season. i got the logo Via NBA.com

Zoom Kobe 3

Pretty nice look a little different from the two's. (no strap look.) Kind of got a web mesh design should be released early next year. If Kobe dosen't start the eason wearing these expect to see them on his feet this christmas. there were other colors that were shown (blue grey, and all black.) the folks at sneakerfiles provided these first pics i'm tying to get the white varsity maize ones but they won't relinquish those this early. they do it one at a time.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'd Like to say welcome to all (friends and family), its been six months in the making of this blog. Its long overdue. First off i'd like to tell everyone (who knows about it now.) that this blog is a prelude to the store that i'm am trying to get open soon. I will be posting about everything on kicks and like the title says everything in between. don't worry i've got a lot in store for the blog coming real soon. i just got home so i gotta run, tomorrow ill have some pics of the newly leaked Zoom Kobe 3 to start out. If you've seen them tell me what you think when i post them tomorrow. ("Success is the Sweetest Revenge")