Friday, September 24, 2010

Best PG's at their Position

Point guards.. (or Point God's if you familiar with Scoop Jackson) aren't a Dime a Dozen. If they are top tier they can make average players around them all-stars. If they are good then can make average players around them better. They are the extension of the coach (allegedly i dunno bout that) but ultimately they are supposed to make everyone around them better and pass first score second.... There are some first entries and drops as well. I'm only looking at the top ten at their position.. This is Mine... Whats yours?


1a. Chris Paul ( Hornets 21,11,4,2 steals per game) I'm giving him the slight edge over "number 2" because if you insert him in to a winning scenario with the right players around him he can elevate a team like no other. and he can also drop 20 and dish 11. Not a great outside shooter but he along with Rondo and Parker are the fastest up and down the court. The guy is barely 6 feet tall. Lemmie say it again the dude is barely 6 feet tall.

1b. Deron Williams (Jazz per game) One word that describes him is consistent. another word is durable. he has elevated himself because of his consistency to win. To elevate his team. He makes ppl around him better. Now one can argue whether Boozer was elevated by him we'll see this when the season starts. He's a great outside shooter, and built for the octagon. but can he elevate the Jazz? They've been sitting on second round ko's the past couple of years can Al Jefferson help? the answer is yes...

3a. Steve Nash (Suns rebounds a game) Consistency and shooting ability give him the slight over Kidd (though overall Kidd is a better point guard if you compare their careers). He is slowing down but someone tell him that . I dare you...

3b. Jason Kidd (Mavericks10.9.6rebounds a game) still can lead a team... still can pass... has a much improved jump shot. and only 37 well almost...

5. Chauncey Billups (Nuggets 18. 7. 3 rebounds a game) His value soared since the Denver trade. another 30 plus pg getting it done and driving the team forward. but will Carmelo be driving with him or against him??

6. Raijon Rondo (Celtics 14.9.5 rebounds a game) All-star can be put to his resume; a champion already, but he's the only young star on his team the emphasis is on young. He has a bright future hopefully he can improve his jump shot because it can hinder the team.

7. Derick Rose (Bulls 19. 7. 3 rebounds a game) One of the quickest point guards and the strongest as well will get better as time goes on. With Boozer the bulls can make some noise in the now open Central as other players have went South.... Beach.....

8. Tony Parker (Spurs 18. 6. 3 rebounds a game) still efficient ask the mavericks. actually Ask Mark Cuban when he doomed his team by saying he hated the spurs. That fired Tim Duncan Up... Parker as well.

9. Mike Bibby ( Hawks 15. 5 3 rebounds a game) He's on the list because of how the Hawks have elevated all the way to the top since he arrived. They lacked order and he brought it. just like he brought it to Sacramento. Somebody needed to tell Vlade to shave and stop " Flopping". He told him and they almost went to the title.
10. Baron Davis ( "Liners" 15. 7 4 rebounds a game) He's in my top ten because of raw talent. the clippers didn't really do anything but the reason they will do better will be him and a healthy Bloke. I mean Blake...

Monday, September 13, 2010

USA Wins Gold

I am happy man. This is a non sarcastic post. They just won the Fifa (Fiba* typo my bad) gold. I think they automatically get the nod at the real dance right... Yessir..... lead by their all pro forward...

Necro... Just playin Kevin Durant.... For some reason, couldn't find a pic with a basketball in his hands what are the odds. Back with the top ten PGs in the game Are Kidd and Nash still in the top ten??

"Need a KickStart

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blood in 3D

Halloween is coming and so is the best players at their positions once again. I'm working on that as we speak...


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