Monday, June 21, 2010

Profile Update

Updated my profile for people who kept asking why didn't I do it. Ok... it was just one person that asked. Ok... it was my cousin.. Other notes. There's is a festival going on in the upper part of Brooklyn this weekend cant wait for it. the North Side festival coming this week. if i get my camera charged ill post some pics. Still putting together that Finals post just gimme a couple days.....


Friday, June 18, 2010

Lakers take it.

I knew it was going to a seventh game. ( just look below this post.. or jus scroll dwn...) didn't know how it would turn out. It started out with the Celtics dominating but then time and fatigue started to play a role..... A role that will have the Celtics thinking about whether another run can be beneficial. My answer is yes. One more year, but then again will the Lakers be getting better or worse??? That remains to be seen. Congrats to the Lakers and congrats to the NYC natives Odom, and Artest who can now bring home a ring to (QB) Queensbridge. (which is One train stop from where I work).. I can definitely see a block party for him on Vernon.. I got next on the center court..

P.S. check out this Lamar Odom (Jamaica, Queens Native) Dime Article done before they won.. Cool article 'bout him...He talks about everything from Queens, LA, and living with his "shorty"... ha its funny Khloe is his shorty but its a lay back interview good incite.. Back with more finals stuff as well as parade pics... Odom Article


Monday, June 14, 2010


"Lipstick for Marilyn Monroe; Blew a death kiss to Fidel Castro; Only the Strong Survive... NaS Bear witness".... Can't really think of a proper title to this one... Don't really know man just can't think of one. The Lakers will have to do this in 2 games... Can they do it?... Looks like my last post I'm gonna have to change the game 6 scenario to the Celtics. Wouldn't that be an ending... The Boston Celtics another title .. One win away.. It would be interesting they do it in LA; that would be sweeter.. Someone asked me whether I thought there will be a game 7.. If you know my scenarios I like to answer questions with even more annoying questions... So when this person asked me if I thought there would be a game 7 I then turned and asked him..... : "Hey Does Hannah Montana Kiss Girls?" (P.S. Don't ask me how I know that; those are one of the disadvantages of You Tube) So if you can answer my question then you know she does kiss girls, hence I Believe there will be a game 7. Just can't see Kobe going down in his house... but if he does, you know how it goes down in my mind..... Stay Tuned

Tha Lakers need a KickStart......


Monday, June 7, 2010

Basketball Finale........

Good evening Boston.... good afternoon Los Angeles......... basketball's season finale is here...... No plot twists though..... Both coasts pretty much know wat will be the turn out..... i do too.... i know wats gonna happen in game 6.... Kobes gonna hit a game buzzer to send Boston home rite? rite??? Hey thats how LA would wanna see it (And oddly some people in NYC as well... the ppl chanting MVP when he dropped Rodger Maris on us... you know wat.... that was a performance though. ...Not even gonna front this time check my archives for my reply on that 61....). Not sure how Boston wants to see it. They just want to win Malcolm X style...... Honestly, I think they're in shock they're in the finals again.... At least Brian Scalabrine is... How did they make the finals without him??.. Without an actual Celtic... that baffles me to...... It Baffles me.....