Monday, November 24, 2008

Anything Is Possible!!! (Best PF's In NBA)

1. Kevin Garnett (Celtics, 19,9,4) A career 20, 10 and 5 player. add defensive player of the year to his resume, add 10 all star appearances, add an MVP. And now, add NBA champion.

2. Tim Duncan( Spurs 20, 10) Probably the best power forward of all time but now has to share the lime light with that man above him. Still has at least one more run at the championship in him, ( as long ans Manu and TP stay healthy). A handful of tiles and MVP awards will keep him up in the top two or three.

3. Amare Stoudemire ( Suns, 25,8) The most athletic power Forward in the league, has improved his defense and shot blocking, as well as his mid range J and his free throws. the good thing about him is he still hasn't reached his prime, still improving. Should improve his rebounding ( never averaged 10 boards a game in a season) The all-star game's in phoenix will make the team (barring injury).

4. Carlos Boozer (Jazz 21, 10) A great strong low post threat, now much more consistent and that 's why he has made the all-star team. Can be a better defender but does he want to commit that energy on both sides of the court?

5. Rasheed Wallace ( Pistons, 18,8, 2blocks) Great on both sides of the court can command a double team on any part of the court. A great 3 pt shooter (the best on this list, sorry dirk), as well as a great shot blocker. And has a good post up game.

6. Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks 23,7) Stock has fallen as the years have progressed. still the best shooting PF, but mot the best 3pt shooting PF ( the man above him). A good rebounder, an ok defender. Seems to loose his killer instinct in the playoffs can he get it back and return to the finals?

7. David West (Hornets 22,8) A confident scorer and rebounder. has not reached his peak can hit clutch shots and a great free throw shooter. A decent defender will be an all star again. Can he help get the hornets to the finals?

8. Elton Brand (sixers 20,10) Consistent, you know what you're going to get. a decent defender and shot blocker will make the sixers better but not known as a clutch forward. Who will the sixers give the ball to when the games on the line??

9. Antawn Jamison (Wizards, 18, 7) A capable scorer who can rebound pretty good. A more versatile forward, who can put the ball on the floor, but not the best ball handling forward in the game.

10. Zach Rnadolph ( Clippers 18,10) A decent shot, great rebounder, not a great defender. Somewhat consistant (though Knick fans may disagree). A decent post game, as well as a good free throw shooter.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best SF's in the NBA

Just Watch

1. LeBron James (Cavs- 30,7,7) Unmatched speed and strength can literally play all positions, (except for maybe center) Perennial all-star, ok jumper un-guardable inside the foul line, the standard for years to come. Zoom lebron VI above just released ($140) " 'Girl Don't pump fake me' now!" (Business Lebron)

2. Paul Pierce (Celtics 22,6,3) Finals MVP, now has a killer instinct, always had a jump shot and a 3 pt shot, has his game peaked??

3. Josh Smith (Hawks 19,7, 3.3 blocks) You shocked? You shouldn't be his stock has risen every year. He should be an all-star, he can literally do it all. He usually leads the league in blocks or is a very close second. He is un-guardable when close to the basket.

4. Shawn Marion (Heat, Matrix 19,10,3) Still underrated (will loose some touches with B-easy there) still a great rebounder for his position. Can guard anyone on the floor, a decent shooter as well.

5. Ron Artest (Rockets 19,5,3) Will be better as a rocket. Can give them scoring ,can stop the opposing teams best player, can he give them a title?

6. Hedo Turkoglo (Magic 18,6,6) Will be an all star before his career is over(if he keeps up those numbers). Can shoot from anywhere on the floor, lacks on the defensive end, not a clutch performer, but does have the confidence to take the final shot.

7. Lamar Odom (Lakers 16,9,6) Still the best ball handling forward in the league ( sorry Lebron). Can pass, can score, knows the game very well. Can he still make the all-star team before his career is over?

8. Tayshawn Prince (Pistons 15, 4,3) Probably the second best defending forward ( behind the NYC native), an NBA champion , decent shooter has his game peaked as well? We'll just have to wait and find out.

9. Richard Jefferson (Bucks 22,4,3) Sad to see him go but he still will play above the rim in Wisconsin. A good J but better closer to the basket. A great finisher, needs to work on his defense.

10. Caron Butler (Wizards 18, 6,3) Couldn't leave him off the list. Has the confidence and the strength to get to anywhere he wants on the court. A decent defender as well as a good rebounder. Will probably make another all-star team.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008