Saturday, February 27, 2010

Check 4 this Guy

maybe some don't know but i listen to a lot of music ( when I'm not staring at sneakers). Hip -Hop will always be my first love even though theres alot of bad music being made. There are still artists who I listen to and can see they will be good and make good music (no pun intented). I don't wanna give my top 5 right now because there's only really two who i believe are levels above everyone. ( Lupe Fiasco & lil' wayne) 1a and 1b. it would depend on what song I'm listening to to determine which one is 1a. This post has nothing to do with them ,but with a guy who will be relevant for years to come. His name is Curren$y ( the dollar sign is an "s" . An s is supposed to be there in case your wondering where it went) he hails from New Orleans but it looks like he's in Jamaica he has deceived us because his address has changed as well.
on a serious note check 4 this guy he will be relevant and he can rap unlike alot of other guys...

The video is called Address it features "highway".....


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Been Working

Snowed in the man with the phonetic background works on the Ping Pong party to unite all. And to also launch Kickstart into facebook and beyond all in one swoop. He also watched how bad the dunk contest was ( charles was rite no one won including the fans who watched a warmup drill). He also had advice for Amar'i. " go to new york". He also has a name for his twitter account which will be launched in the spring....... of course he will link it to the blog. Soon the blogspot name will be dropped and the KickStart will be propelled.

( I wore these chucks in the snow I bleed NYC and you know where I went in these chucks......WholeFoods........... yessir... Whole Foods.....)