Monday, August 27, 2007

Vick Pleads Guilty

After long speculation, Atlanta Falcon (former falcon until they release him which won't be anytime soon.) Michael Vick pleads guilty to felony charges which involved dogfighting. Its finally over, or is it ? Every time i turn to watch sports center I hear things about what he's going to do with his NFL Career to even how he will react to being in jail. They even have an analyst telling us what he will be doing in jail. i don't think we need to know that, it's jail. (we all know what goes on in jail.) The media definitely is blowing this up, but he brought it on himself. Most animals are defenseless and look to us for guidance and to take of. We have adopted cats and especially dogs as our best friends so to speak, as Vick can see. Overall he will improve his image, but getting back as what he was to the NFL, that is something that he will never obtain again. He has let Atlanta down. He will be sentenced on Dec 10th more on that later.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Zoom Kobe 2 iD

Over at the Nike site the Zoom Kobe2 is now up for your creation. You can create your version of the Zoom Kobe 2 equipped with red patent leather ,(if that's what you like ) or gold. They cost a little more ( $145) but you can brand them with you name or nick name if you want. they come in a special valor bag which is enclosed in the bag as well. back with more Vick news next time.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Zoom Kobe Lites

Zoom Kobe 2 is a pretty popular shoe. (Not as popular as the first ones but his fans still support him.) there are two different variations to the shoe. first there's the original ZK2, then there's the ZK2 stealth version, and now coming next month there will be the lite version, sans the upper strap. These look comfortable , there not as bulky as the the first ones, and I'm guessing there not as heavy as well. they should be limited I'm told and they will be a little more as they say around $145 which is puzzling. (above is the Zoom Kobe 2 limited Asia Exclusive version and then the strapless lite's.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Air CB34

Charles Barkley when he was in the NBA was my favorite player, I liked him because he never sugar coated anything. He never cared what people thought and his infamous Role Model commercial will forever be one of the best Nike Commercials of all time. Though this wasn't my favorite Barkley shoe it was truly unique.i'm glad they chose to release the original color, i've seen a oic of these with fur on them... (i'll try to get a pic of those.) I can now get a chance to get the men's version , because when they came out in 1995 I was only 12. They should be $125-$130 and the pics are of mine from 1995 (The Soles are worn but the retro's will stay true to the original, They will look identical.) They're are five colors scheduled to release at the end of the year and into 2008. I'll have pics of the retro ones next time.


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Deion Continued Air Diamond Turf (Snakeskin?)

Perhaps one of the most popular training shoes Nike made, has gone through many shades and colors. So many, that if i were to post the numerous colors I would fill the whole page. my favorite color that was made were the original white red colors. but i stumbled across these snake skin limited ones. These have got the be the most outrageous, their obviously a pattern design , their not real snakeskin. They have to be the craziest style I've seen of these kicks., and they made a lot of colors.


Monday, August 6, 2007

More Deion Sanders

He is perhaps the greatest Cornerback ever (he may be, in my opinion he was definitely the most exciting). In my opinion he was a much better football player than baseball but every body's got an opinion. The funniest picture is the rookie Atlanta Falcon' s card of him. It looks like a baseball card and I thought it was, until I looked at it carefully. Why'd they do that in 1989? What made him fun to watch was the end zone dances when he scored touchdowns. Eventhough the NFL is outlawing it now, back then it made it fun to watch as he danced into the end zone. Hey, you want to stop him , don't throw interceptions, don't allow him to return punts for 96 yards. If you don't make mistakes then you don't give the defense a chance, and with Deion playing cornerback, teams didn't listen. He only needed you to pass a little off and that's a gap for "Prime Time" to take control.
(the kicks on the bottom are the OG diamond turfs that were retro'd a couple of years ago more on those later.)

Air DT Max 96'

Another shoe in the two sport athlete line of Deion Sanders makes a return. Deion was everything that entailed in an athlete and a fierce competitor. He played both baseball and football professionally, and sometimes boasts that he would've played basketball as well. Hence the DT in his shoes is short for diamond turf, baseball and football. even the emblem for his shoes entailed the two sports as well. These turfs were made in numerous colors but the ones being released were from his glory days as a San Francisco 49er. They should be around $120-125 and available this week. There will be an all black version which will be released in October, I will try to get a pic of them. (I'll have more pics of Deion as well.)


Sunday, August 5, 2007

NBA 2007-08 Schedule released

My favorite sport to watch and play, released their schedule for the upcoming season. the tip off starts our with the first look at that man above, the number one pick in the draft , Greg Oden. he gets to take on the world champs , The San Antonio Spurs, on October 30Th. (more on the NBA season coming) Another notable that was on my mind for the upcoming season was Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks. He is going to hear that playoff loss to Golden state a lot going into training camp and more so in the season. But as Nike said in their wallpaper he'll be back (above). My take on that is golden state wanted it more, and its basketball, that's all he'll be back. You win or you go home, if that doesn't fire anybody up then your not a competitor.

Zoom Lebron V

The fifth installment in the Lebron James Nike line has changed for this year. I really liked the Zoom Lebron IV because of Nike's Foamposite Tech. they brought back ( from 1998.) But these look good, they have lots of colors as always that will be released into the future (and again they have some of the limited release colors ,There will be China Editions again and Ohio editions too.) They should be out around the start of the new NBA season in November. Priced at around $140 more info on these as it comes.


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Zoom Vick V

Here's the pic for the shoe that was suspended by Nike. It was scheduled to release on August 22 It was put on hold indefinitely. Vick had it all, fame, success, (not the NFL championship level yet.) endorsements, and now he may walk away with none of these, for what ? If this is proven, can he ever rebound?

Michael Vick (Will he ever play in the NFL again?)

I wanted to wait a little while before i talk about the Vick case. Every day i turn on Sports Center or i watch the news there's a new development with Vick . Dogfighting is truly barbaric and cruel i don't know anyone who condones it myself, but there are things in this country that people find cruel that others condone. (I think its cruel but people fight roosters too, i wonder what they think?.) My question is will he ever suit up for the falcons again? Actually will he ever play football professionally again? It doesn't look good for him, his name was linked to too many things involving this, Nike and the NFL have pulled all his merchandise. his shoe which was called the Zoom Vick V was put on hold by Nike. one of his close friends just pleaded guilty which is a big hit for the defense. I'll have pics of that Vick V shoe that was put on delay by Nike. As the months go on the media will now try to find everything Vick has done outside the gridiron to mold Vick's character, hopefully they find some good things he did, for his sake and his defense's sake. Sometimes keeping it real can go horribly wrong, his character will be questioned alot hopefully he wasn't at the dogfights, but it don't look good. He still has fans out there because everyone is innocent until proven guilty right?