Sunday, January 27, 2008

R.I.P. Heath Ledger

The Last post featured him as the highly anticipated Joker (one of the most famous villains of all time). Its bad when someone passes you now remember them more. I guess I fell victim to that as well, didn't really know his work. He did that brokeback film that put him in a more public face as the numerous articles on him describe. As my friend walked the streets of Soho looking for the countdown package, the back end street off Broadway was flooded with people (he died in his Soho apartment). It was then revealed that that he passed, but of what has not been determined. I believe he was only 28 and had a young daughter.
" Dying young leaving a good looking corpse". (S.Carter)

'teef (be back with some kicks in a couple; there's been a lot of good releases in '08 so far).

Monday, January 14, 2008

T.O. WHy SO Serious?????

He's coming are you ready for the Joker in 2008??? Saw the trailer, looks good, Heath looks like he pulled off one of the best (and one of my favotite villians) Super Villians of all time, next to this machine below


Air Force Max CB Returns

Saw these last week on Pick your shoes, a little disappointed the shoe looks like the life got taken out of it. I hope they release some of the OG colors , with some of the signature effects (no 34 number on the retro version) that make this shoe a signature shoe (which it was, even though Sir Charles wore these briefly). I'm happy they released the Original Air CB34 color (Above). A little sad they released the tweed version though.. The original Force max CB's had much more style, its funny because it shows you how a color can dramatically change a shoe. They're at pick you shoes for $115 shipped.


Friday, January 4, 2008

Nets and Kidd Look for Fourth Straight

2008 is hear!! first post in '08!! I had to admit it did look shaky, the Nets were and up an down team, and didn't have a very good first two months of the season. But why ? Jefferson's having his best year statistically , so is Kidd (he's a walking triple double, but his scoring did drop a little). Carter is starting to come in to form as well. But the big difference, and I put an emphasis on "big", is the lack of scoring of their front line. It was almost nothing , everyone has to have some inside scoring ( well the elite teams). It looks like they are taking a step for the better with that great win over Orlando (an elite team) last Wed. On a kicks note Kidd for the third straight game, broke out his PE Zoom BB's, in place for the Zoom Braves which he has been wearing for a number of season's. I'm not in to the superstitions but they've won the last three since he's been wearing them.. Hopefully the Nets can keep the momentum rolling they have not been good at home but they did get that gritty win over the Wizards last time.