Sunday, May 25, 2008

June 10th (Hopefully)

What he talks about isn't positive, but how he words it, and how he delivers it, he is the greatest alive right now (along with Lupe. Lupe's 1A, and Wayne's 1B.). This could be the greatest album of 2008, it already has a B.I.G. album cover. Is America Ready To Die Again??


I never subscribed to Flatspot's email newsletters (they are an online Skateboard store /SB site, if you don't know them, get familiar...). Back when I was on the dunk bandwagon, I kept their site as one of my favorites, just to keep up with the latest things coming out (even though I am "officially" retired from buying kicks). They really seem to reinvent themselves every year, now they send news letters to my email address telling me when dunks are coming out. Just in case I forgot, as just a friendly reminder... And now they seem to come every week, just like career builder. Hype has gone to a new level . A level where if you make one purchase, no matter what it was, or when it was, you will be reminded. ( I don't even wanna talk about Eastbay, haven't seen them in a while....) But that's the Internet, the new Hypebeast.

(New Orleans, maybe next year it was a good run though, CP, West, Peja, Tyson, MO', maybe this was for the better, for next year. Because there's no reason why you can't go all the way next year; barring the same team.)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Those words above haven't gone together for about 10 years until now. Now they fit.... They fit with one man ,who has played with strength and lived with honor for the whole season. A season which I would have never said the Lakers would be title contenders. Wow. Just think, think back to the olympic qualifying games when it all started. He ripped the general manager and asked to be traded. Then, revoked it only to then next week go back and demand again. But was it all a game to get the attention of the Laker front office? Yes and No. Yes meaning he wanted to get their attention to better the team and no, he really didn't wanna leave LA. He could've revoked his no trade clause an ok'ed the trade to Chi town. But he wanted to make it work in LA. Surprisingly it did, Avant Gasol. So after all of that he can now call the trophy his. But one thing.... he earned it. I don't think there will be another season like the Lakers.

Mr and Mrs D'Antoni welcome to NYC.... First stop Penn Station.... Next stop.... The Playoffs.. Better buy an unlimited Metrocard......

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Best in The Business....

I don't know if he can do it, but it looks pretty good heading into San Antonio right now, up 2-0 on the Spurs... Texas ( San Antonio and Dallas) hasn't found an answer for Chris Paul yet. He's been to Texas just a few weeks ago but this time he's stepping into the champs part of town. A little different than Dallas, fans are ready to cheer for them. I don't think their confidence has taken a big hit yet. (They have been convincing victories though, but they are the champs you have to win four games in a playoff series). I have to say it again for it to sink into my brain, Chris Paul is the best Point Guard in the league, I am now a believer.... He also has his own shoe courtesy of Jordan brand. They're not the best looking though. (Jordan brand designers?? The Melo shoes too, they want to take them to another level but who is designing their kicks.. Jordan??.. That's a bad joke Jordan can do other things besides being the greatest player ever). If the Hornets can get past the Spurs I believe they will get to the finals, There I'm man enough to say it, I think they can make it, they have a team that is built on matchup problems. And, their team is run by the best playmaker in the game. I think they can make it all the way. Remember you heard it first from here....

'teef ( Jordan CP3's are available now for about $115, the game is on tomorrow on ESPN)