Thursday, October 25, 2007

Top NBA players at their positions Part 2

This part was a little more difficult when talking shooting guards. Some of these players can be called "combo guards" which means they can play multiple positions. Once again i ranked them based on shooting guard abilities, passing ,scoring , playing defense and clutch performers. When the games on the line do they have the ability to perform well when they are under a lot of pressure? (Gilbert Arenas could be considered a combo guard as well.)

My top ten Shooting guards for the up coming season

1. Kobe Bryant (Black Mamba), relentless scorer, best scorer in NBA, plays on both sides of court, (offensive and defense.) 3X NBA champion. Literally un-guardable, can score anywhere on court. There’s no better all around scorer playing right now. Ultimate, confident clutch performer. Lethal

2. Dwayne Wade (Flash), Relentless scorer, plays defense, open court master. 3pt shooting flawed, will return with a vengeance this season. Quick first step, good passer, pure scorer. Clutch performer. NBA champion

3. Tracy McGrady (T-Mac), Another pure scorer, injuries have slowed him down; can score from anywhere on floor, ok defender, decent passer. Clutch performer.

4. Allen Iverson (The Answer), Age hasn’t slowed him down, quick first step, can score from anywhere in the paint, MVP, clutch performer, ok passer, superb defender, fearless slasher, great body control.

5. Vince Carter (VC; Half man-Half Amazing), great scorer, decent passer, unmatched- air time and body control, decent clutch performer, now a 3pt threat, can score from anywhere in the paint.

6. Ray Allen (ray-ray), pure shooter, lethal 3pt shooter, bad defender, decent passer, not a clutch performer, puts the “shooting” in shooting guard, all rhythm no blues.

7. Emanuel Ginobili (Manu), Fearless slasher, great defender, clutch performer, good shooter, unmatched driving confidence, could be more durable. NBA champion

8. Richard Hamilton (RIP), unmatched stamina, Good scorer, good defender, NBA champion, only couple good seasons, can be slowed down, one of the best jump shooters in the game. Not a 3pt threat.

9. Ben Gordon (BG), emerging scorer, bright future, decent passer, developing clutch performer, great jump shot, good 3pt shooter, will be an all-star, decent defender.

10. Joe Johnson (JJ) breakout year, great scorer, lethal 3pt shooter, decent jump shot, good passer, point guard handling skills, all-star. Not a clutch performer, bad defender, prone to injury.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

NBA Season Around the Corner

The NBA season will get underway on Halloween and I'd like to rank, based on my observations the top ten players who are at their position now. I'll rank all five positions and you can leave comments whether you agree with my list or not. So I'll try to do this in five parts the first part is the point guards :

My top ten PG’s for the up coming season

1. Jason Kidd (great passer, great defender not a good shooter, shaky scorer but has improved, just too many triple doubles who has more? Magic Johnson the greatest PG of all time is the only man that has more.)

2. Steve Nash (2time MVP, best shooting PG, best scorer , great passer, bad defender, never been to the finals and was only good for a few seasons Kidd always been doing it, check the stats between the players. when Kidd retires then he is number one.)

3. Agent 0 (Gilbert Arenas) (most confident pg, impressive clutch performer, shooter, scorer, not a great passer decent defender, but an offensive force propelled him to three.)

4. Chauncey Billups (great shooter, passer finals MVP clutch performer but like Nash wasn't always this good before, now one of the top.)

5. B-diddy (Baron Davis) (great scorer, good passer, shaky shooter, decent defender, always been good when healthy, great leader.

6. Tony Parker (TP) (un-matched speed and ball control been to Finals, MVP shaky shooter, decent passer, open court master un-guardable in open floor)

7. Chris Paul (putting up Kidd numbers early in Kidd's career, great passer, decent shooter, scorer, leader on court, bright future, decent defender.)

8. Deron Williams (Impressive playoff performance, shaky shooter, great passer, decent defender, will probably be an all-star, bright Future.)

9. Kirk Hinrich (decent passer, shaky defender, not clutch, lethal shooter, can score, can be great later.)

10. Stephon Marbury (Relentless scorer, shaky shooter, decent passer still quick, been consistent scorer for years, open court wizard.)

So there it is my top ten. I just couldn't put Nash at number one after looking at his career and looking at his prime. When Kidd was at his prime he was better than Nash was. He’s been doing this for his whole career; Nash has only had a couple of good seasons. I'm not sure if Nash is even a Hall of Famer. If he can get to the finals at least once in his career, then he would be in the HOF category, but it’s still tough to get him into the hall of fame.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Baseball Playoffs with no METS

I know this is off topic but i had to mention it. I still can't believe the New York Mets didn't make the playoffs, after they were in first place for most of the season. I do give Philly credit because if they didn't play well the mets would've been in the playoffs. Every time I watch sports center and see the Rockies and diamondbacks compete i wonder if the mets were in the mix, I think they would've went to the World Series, dam. R.I.P. mets for this year, now I hope the nets and knicks can make some noise in the NBA more on both of those teams and the newly revamped Atlantic division later.

(Thanx and Happy-B day to AJ ( Chino Nasty) for cremating the mets logo, they just crumbled down the stretch.)


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Air Jordan Retro 8 (Playoffs Edition)

Finally the most anticipated (anticipated by many) Jordan 8 color, is making its return this Christmas. Jordan wore these when he battled in the playoffs against my favorite player Sir Charles Barkley and the Bulls got their first three peat. Usually the most anticipated colors are released during the Christmas season, and this one will be released and be sold out instantly, I can guarantee it. I believe they will not be limited so there will be kids colors as well as adults. I passed on the aqua ones (it was hard but i did) to get these. They should be around $145, But if you want them now be prepared to pay double the price.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Kicks And Everything In-Between Store coming Soon

Just got the Merchant package from Bank of America. As to update my friends who were asking whether i was working on opening a store, i am. I also just applied for a Nike account, there's a lot of red tape when opening an account with them as with Adidas. Since I already work this blog ,( I'll slowly start adding shoes for sale.) starting at the end of the year (right after thanksgiving.) I'll start taking requests. I can be reached at my Gmail account... Be back with something different... The baseball playoffs this year.. without the METS..