Monday, December 13, 2010

Sohos And Cons

I'm officially "retired" from buying high priced kicks so I was hype when COnverse opened their store right in the heart of Soho my second home ( my second home is really the lower but not to be technical it is in the Area) I ll be back soon i'm equipped for the winter now even though its 54 out. Yes .Sir. 54 . Wow.. I wonder whether Steve Nash looks at his MVp trophies and thinks? Should I Send one to Amare? He's probably on the phone with D'Antoni right now telling him it would be perfect he has a condo in Soho. He could come to the knicks and win a third MVP. A three peat. And A'mare would be an all-star. Because Amare Needs Steve Nash to become a star. He is nothing without Nash. Thats why Steve Nash won 2 MVPs and Amare has zero. he is incomplete without Nash..... I think you get my point. A'mare for MVP........ NYK......
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Stores on 540 Broadway i believe if you wannna check it out... Its worth iit even if you don't like cons.......

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Been Busy Been Busy

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. The NBA Season has started and Miamai is looking decent. I don't know about 85 wins. I think that's a little impossible guys.... it just seems a little far fetched don't you think???? I don't know........ You know those media folks they jump on bandwagons especially that guy who was hanging on Zo's leg about twelve years ago... He's weird.. There's been a lot of ppl saying things about Lebrons "decision". You got to do what's right for you that's it... gotta love the role model spoof that was good .... Hi Chuck....

Be back sooner this time.... ( I knew I forgot something still have my top ten I forgot to finish ok Kobe, Lebron, Dwight Howard, and Moochie Norris. I think you guys can sort them out by position right.. I hope so 'cause Moochies top of my list.... you don't wanna leave him alone with 12 minutes left in the 4th quarter.. nope you don't........) check the stats and I'm not talking about Amare.. my bad A'mare....

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Best PG's at their Position

Point guards.. (or Point God's if you familiar with Scoop Jackson) aren't a Dime a Dozen. If they are top tier they can make average players around them all-stars. If they are good then can make average players around them better. They are the extension of the coach (allegedly i dunno bout that) but ultimately they are supposed to make everyone around them better and pass first score second.... There are some first entries and drops as well. I'm only looking at the top ten at their position.. This is Mine... Whats yours?


1a. Chris Paul ( Hornets 21,11,4,2 steals per game) I'm giving him the slight edge over "number 2" because if you insert him in to a winning scenario with the right players around him he can elevate a team like no other. and he can also drop 20 and dish 11. Not a great outside shooter but he along with Rondo and Parker are the fastest up and down the court. The guy is barely 6 feet tall. Lemmie say it again the dude is barely 6 feet tall.

1b. Deron Williams (Jazz per game) One word that describes him is consistent. another word is durable. he has elevated himself because of his consistency to win. To elevate his team. He makes ppl around him better. Now one can argue whether Boozer was elevated by him we'll see this when the season starts. He's a great outside shooter, and built for the octagon. but can he elevate the Jazz? They've been sitting on second round ko's the past couple of years can Al Jefferson help? the answer is yes...

3a. Steve Nash (Suns rebounds a game) Consistency and shooting ability give him the slight over Kidd (though overall Kidd is a better point guard if you compare their careers). He is slowing down but someone tell him that . I dare you...

3b. Jason Kidd (Mavericks10.9.6rebounds a game) still can lead a team... still can pass... has a much improved jump shot. and only 37 well almost...

5. Chauncey Billups (Nuggets 18. 7. 3 rebounds a game) His value soared since the Denver trade. another 30 plus pg getting it done and driving the team forward. but will Carmelo be driving with him or against him??

6. Raijon Rondo (Celtics 14.9.5 rebounds a game) All-star can be put to his resume; a champion already, but he's the only young star on his team the emphasis is on young. He has a bright future hopefully he can improve his jump shot because it can hinder the team.

7. Derick Rose (Bulls 19. 7. 3 rebounds a game) One of the quickest point guards and the strongest as well will get better as time goes on. With Boozer the bulls can make some noise in the now open Central as other players have went South.... Beach.....

8. Tony Parker (Spurs 18. 6. 3 rebounds a game) still efficient ask the mavericks. actually Ask Mark Cuban when he doomed his team by saying he hated the spurs. That fired Tim Duncan Up... Parker as well.

9. Mike Bibby ( Hawks 15. 5 3 rebounds a game) He's on the list because of how the Hawks have elevated all the way to the top since he arrived. They lacked order and he brought it. just like he brought it to Sacramento. Somebody needed to tell Vlade to shave and stop " Flopping". He told him and they almost went to the title.
10. Baron Davis ( "Liners" 15. 7 4 rebounds a game) He's in my top ten because of raw talent. the clippers didn't really do anything but the reason they will do better will be him and a healthy Bloke. I mean Blake...

Monday, September 13, 2010

USA Wins Gold

I am happy man. This is a non sarcastic post. They just won the Fifa (Fiba* typo my bad) gold. I think they automatically get the nod at the real dance right... Yessir..... lead by their all pro forward...

Necro... Just playin Kevin Durant.... For some reason, couldn't find a pic with a basketball in his hands what are the odds. Back with the top ten PGs in the game Are Kidd and Nash still in the top ten??

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blood in 3D

Halloween is coming and so is the best players at their positions once again. I'm working on that as we speak...


(Insert fear):

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Miami Three Party Part (Menage a') Trois (Part III)

Can they actually Win? I believe so .... Can they actually win a title in their first season. Remains to be seen. I haven't really seen the team that they put forward yet. As last I've heard they got big Z and Miller to sign with them. They also re signed Carlos Arroyo. I still want to see who they can bring in to make big shots. They need a shooter who can make big shots and bring energy to the team. Wade is some sort of energy guy but I think it takes someone who's not afraid to step on anyone's toes. ( in a good way) Rasheed Wallace just recently retired but i think he could make a good addition to the team. He would bring the fire and determination on another level.. Kinda like KG does for the Celtics.. They should consider luring him out of retirement..... How many games do i think they can win ... I would go with at least 50 games because they know how each other plays; they will gel together pretty well. Lebron is the ultimate team player so i think his points will go down but his assists will go up. I predict he'll be stacking up more triple doubles in this upcoming season. Now there is more hype surrounding these three... just food 4 thought.. Why wasn't the big three in Boston hyped so much..... the answer lyes in the media... in the media....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Miami Three Party (Part Deux)

Ive had time to put things in perspective about this team that is being assembled down in south bitch. i mean beach. As a was thinking how Lebron put Cleavland on the map as far as taking a small market team and putting it on a bigger market. He did all these things.... economics revenue and so on that he doesn't get a penny for. ( He does already get enough money though.... so it evens out) they (particularly Danny Ferry and now Dan Gilbert for that classless letter he put out to fans...) didn't get good players around him... Now he does have a chance.... but back to Gilbert.... I feel Lebron did what was good for him and his family. he listened to his family and then he thought about what matters most to him and should to anyone who puts on a uniform for any sport, winning. He felt Miami is building a winning attitude. I believe they are. He even got big Z to go with him. ( but just him and maybe Varejao but not too many players from Cleveland because that's where he left.... right ...) Part three I evaluate whether they can actually win... cause that's what matters right?

Dam Chris Paul was satisfied with what NO front office office said to him; as being from NYC theres still a chance...... right? theres still a chance..... said Spike Lee

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anniversary (Miami Three Party?) Part One

Not gonna put up any more pics of the biggest free agent move, possibly ever. ( this can be argued but who under 25 is gonna argue with me?? unless your 35 saying your 25; some women do that......) Many people have expressed their opinions about this move. I feel they should've put better players around him to enable him to achieve a title. Kobe Bryant pleaded them to trade him not too long ago and look what happened. It motivated them to get players around him that they can build; now they can start winning multiple titles (which they have started already). What did they do. Nothing... They did nothing. Couldn't get a steal trade as LA had. You can't blame him he wants to win. And that is why Mike Miller is now a Miami Heat.... He's no longer a Timberwolf... Because they couldn't bring better players around him... I am just kidding... but you know who's not kidding, Dan "Cobra Commander" Gilbert. Why are you mad son? Your organization couldn't get better players around him.... It's your fault...... Now Jordan, C'mon, your gonna compare Magic and Bird to Wade and Bosh?? Its not the same; I think Bosh isnt as good as Pippen... now..... he has room for improvement though; he has grown into a 20-10 guy.. just like Dennis did right? These guys are in their primes I wonder what Malone thinks about this ?? Do you think he had the guts to leave the Jazz and play with another team??? Part 2 of this is coming next week.... this is some sort of rant this time......Haven't done this in a while..

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PS. KickStart is now going to Pre Kindergarden. My Birthday was the 19th. Not mine the BLogs'. Mine was the 11Th if your checking i accept Paypal......Paypal

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Amare and the Giant Apple

Well at least one.... I think having him on the team will give the Knicks a boost in ticket sales. (not that big a boost). I agree with Sir Charles (i don't always agree with what he says) he needs to average 10+ rebounds at least once in his career. He has a chance in NYC to do that. Bosh and Wade have hooked up (no homo). Now the other two have completed the deal. Amare and Spike Lee. Get ready NYC... are you ready.....

(As I wrote this just got word that Spain has defeated Deutchland 1-nil. Congrats to Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, act Belize doesn't speak Spanish but they're down there..,Panama, Cuba, DR, PR, for defeating Germany. Spain couldn't have done it without you.... Spain thanks you for rooting for Spain..... They will be visiting these countries to party.......)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Profile Update

Updated my profile for people who kept asking why didn't I do it. Ok... it was just one person that asked. Ok... it was my cousin.. Other notes. There's is a festival going on in the upper part of Brooklyn this weekend cant wait for it. the North Side festival coming this week. if i get my camera charged ill post some pics. Still putting together that Finals post just gimme a couple days.....


Friday, June 18, 2010

Lakers take it.

I knew it was going to a seventh game. ( just look below this post.. or jus scroll dwn...) didn't know how it would turn out. It started out with the Celtics dominating but then time and fatigue started to play a role..... A role that will have the Celtics thinking about whether another run can be beneficial. My answer is yes. One more year, but then again will the Lakers be getting better or worse??? That remains to be seen. Congrats to the Lakers and congrats to the NYC natives Odom, and Artest who can now bring home a ring to (QB) Queensbridge. (which is One train stop from where I work).. I can definitely see a block party for him on Vernon.. I got next on the center court..

P.S. check out this Lamar Odom (Jamaica, Queens Native) Dime Article done before they won.. Cool article 'bout him...He talks about everything from Queens, LA, and living with his "shorty"... ha its funny Khloe is his shorty but its a lay back interview good incite.. Back with more finals stuff as well as parade pics... Odom Article


Monday, June 14, 2010


"Lipstick for Marilyn Monroe; Blew a death kiss to Fidel Castro; Only the Strong Survive... NaS Bear witness".... Can't really think of a proper title to this one... Don't really know man just can't think of one. The Lakers will have to do this in 2 games... Can they do it?... Looks like my last post I'm gonna have to change the game 6 scenario to the Celtics. Wouldn't that be an ending... The Boston Celtics another title .. One win away.. It would be interesting they do it in LA; that would be sweeter.. Someone asked me whether I thought there will be a game 7.. If you know my scenarios I like to answer questions with even more annoying questions... So when this person asked me if I thought there would be a game 7 I then turned and asked him..... : "Hey Does Hannah Montana Kiss Girls?" (P.S. Don't ask me how I know that; those are one of the disadvantages of You Tube) So if you can answer my question then you know she does kiss girls, hence I Believe there will be a game 7. Just can't see Kobe going down in his house... but if he does, you know how it goes down in my mind..... Stay Tuned

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Basketball Finale........

Good evening Boston.... good afternoon Los Angeles......... basketball's season finale is here...... No plot twists though..... Both coasts pretty much know wat will be the turn out..... i do too.... i know wats gonna happen in game 6.... Kobes gonna hit a game buzzer to send Boston home rite? rite??? Hey thats how LA would wanna see it (And oddly some people in NYC as well... the ppl chanting MVP when he dropped Rodger Maris on us... you know wat.... that was a performance though. ...Not even gonna front this time check my archives for my reply on that 61....). Not sure how Boston wants to see it. They just want to win Malcolm X style...... Honestly, I think they're in shock they're in the finals again.... At least Brian Scalabrine is... How did they make the finals without him??.. Without an actual Celtic... that baffles me to...... It Baffles me.....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Over and Out (Which Team will be?)

There are a few things that are certain on earth..... In the NBA when your up 3-0 on a team; chances are you're gonna beat them right? I would say yes but I don't wanna... well you know ..... Is there a little bit of doubt going through Boston's minds right now... Yeah definitely..... Can the magic win the series.... My answer is a question.. Is there a such thing as a tall leprechaun??? ( people from Boston don't answer that question...) Which team do you think I'm rooting for...... Ron Jeremy's team..... that's who I'm rooting for.......


Friday, May 21, 2010

Post Up

Hello.. Yea... i'm still around getting things behind the scenes done. ( Promo stickers and then T shirts are being worked on as i speak... write... type... well you know what i'm doing. Do you know what i'm doing? I 'm kicking something around. I mean.... something in my minds kicking around (World Cup Plug.. Brazil again cmon man... can the US get it done... No)... Wow... wats in Boston's Gatorade... Nothing really Garnett's healthy thats all they needed... Hey this Odom guy... He's pretty good you might wanna guard him Phoenix.. You also might wanna guard.. Kobe Bryant, Sasha V., Andrew Bynum, Luke Walton, Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol, Koby Carl ( well they held him scoreless fortunately...), Adam Morrison ( him too they locked him down) Shannon Brown, DJ Mbenga, and Ron Artest. If they guard any of these guys they are Finals Bound .. You heard it first people.. You heard it first..........


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A True Hip-Hop Pioneer Guru of Gang Starr Rest In Peace

I did hear that Keith "Guru" Elam was getting treatment for Cancer. I also heard a lot of other things involved with his power of Attorney battle with his manager and his Nephew. However, I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about how great and synonymous he and my favorite Dj, Dj Premier were and how their music will live on forever. Its ironic now , put a couple of my old Gang Starr CD's up for sale on amazon 4 months ago ( both of which have sold in the past 2 days). Its a double edged sword. You can look at this two ways, when he was alive people weren't trying to hear him; or they just wanted to show support and know more about the man who just passed away. I can still remember when I got their double CD ( I will never sell that). I think I listened to it for about 2 days straight. They were the reason I found out about Group Home, Bahamadia, MOP ,freddie Foxxx, and Big Shug..( If you don't know these guys get familiar...) I was hoping for another Gang Starr album. I know Premier produces for others ,but it just won't be the same without Guru. Rest in peace. That Notorious Song is playing in my head right now as I package this Gang Starr CD.... Much Love...


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Facebook | Kick Start

I am Now. On. Facebook. Got the lights turned on for the blog also. Gotta run Spring is out and I'm a NYC native.... It can't get any better than this... ( well not until July arrives biensur.....)

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Check 4 this Guy

maybe some don't know but i listen to a lot of music ( when I'm not staring at sneakers). Hip -Hop will always be my first love even though theres alot of bad music being made. There are still artists who I listen to and can see they will be good and make good music (no pun intented). I don't wanna give my top 5 right now because there's only really two who i believe are levels above everyone. ( Lupe Fiasco & lil' wayne) 1a and 1b. it would depend on what song I'm listening to to determine which one is 1a. This post has nothing to do with them ,but with a guy who will be relevant for years to come. His name is Curren$y ( the dollar sign is an "s" . An s is supposed to be there in case your wondering where it went) he hails from New Orleans but it looks like he's in Jamaica he has deceived us because his address has changed as well.
on a serious note check 4 this guy he will be relevant and he can rap unlike alot of other guys...

The video is called Address it features "highway".....


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Been Working

Snowed in the man with the phonetic background works on the Ping Pong party to unite all. And to also launch Kickstart into facebook and beyond all in one swoop. He also watched how bad the dunk contest was ( charles was rite no one won including the fans who watched a warmup drill). He also had advice for Amar'i. " go to new york". He also has a name for his twitter account which will be launched in the spring....... of course he will link it to the blog. Soon the blogspot name will be dropped and the KickStart will be propelled.

( I wore these chucks in the snow I bleed NYC and you know where I went in these chucks......WholeFoods........... yessir... Whole Foods.....)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

LeBron, Your Avatar for Dallas is Complete

Those Na'vi probably wouldn't be able to check Lebron with these on his feet or not...... bunch of Manute Bol's........ (Hey that's the best picture of the year in my eyes.... don get it twisted that movie was insane.....Somewhere in Downtown Toronto Chris Bosh is wondering where is royalty check is gonna come in..... maybe it'll be in NYC jus maybe...)

back with all-star picks next week..... (pic courtesy of Hypebeast)


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Thats what the lady at my local chinese restaurant told me. I then asked her for some duck sauce. Yea Duck sauce. Any way happy new year the blog overhaul is almost complete. As well as the twitter acount (as promised for 2010) so i'm guessing more people will be here. I'd better clean my room.

(Zoom kobe's are still for sale unfornately only one pair of each sold so i still have the 10.5's here ready to ship. scroll down for the pics of both colors). Lets "Kickstart" 2010

(had a tiger post i'm going to hold until its starts dying down..... Guess you guys will never see it... Happy health care as well...It's going to be a good year.. I can smell it...... you tell me what 2010 smells like to you......) Happy New Year