Friday, December 20, 2013

Dwayne Wade is not dead


I just don't get this one.. Dwayne Wade has proven he's an elite player and when he plays well is as good as.. Well , Athlete lebron.. I'm an avid NBA reader. I read alotta articals on basketball. I have never seen the media flip flop more on Wade. One game he doesn't shoot well; he's old.. Next game he plays well "don't count him out guys he's still good"..
 It's plain and simple folks. Wade isn't dead he's playing it smart like he should.. Rest; be ready for when it's really counts. However, don't get too much rest as you're still a vital piece to the heats three-peat. I'm not miami fan.. Not even a Wade fan.. I do respect skill, talent and most of all intelligence.. When he turns it up there's not much you can do. Ask Greg pop about that one.. he'll give you a candid answer.. For proof see game four of the finals; there wasn't much San Antonio could do.. D Wade was just D Wade.. That's why they're superstars; good defense superstar offense..the Wednesday game against big country and the pacers was another example. My only concern is he can't sit out games if they make it to the finals or even against the pacers (which will probably be another rematch and an epic rematch) they know this as he's just tuning up for the pacers.. Lets ask Paul George whether he thinks D Wade is old or Roy " big country" Hibbert..actually lets ask Kevin Drurant.. Tortoise and the here

Happy holidays.. 
(Dwayne wade is not dead folks; on the contrary, the woman in the picture is.. Interesting film worth a gander..)