Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There Can Only Be One

The NBA Playoffs. They have lived up to all the hype that was this season. Last week I told you about Chris Paul, he hasn't changed, he's now stepped up. Put a triple-double on Mr. triple -double himself. (still one of my fav guards to watch; still miss him on the Nets, Paul was the first guard i've seen to make Kidd look... old). But now he's got a bigger challenge. A challenge that if he pulls off, I believe they can reach the finals, and then its anybody's game. The defending champs. The Spurs. I got to admit the Spurs look real vulnerable right now, they just escaped the Suns (even though it was a 4-1 win, they looked beatable trying to score on the Suns). The key to New Orleans winning is containing Tony which Nash couldn't do. Chris has the speed to stop him but he won't be his primary defender. Byron Scott's probably devising a plan to stop him as we speak. There can and will be only one.

Just like the primaries there can and will, only be one. Who do you have to win it all????
Turn your brains on America.....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kicks to Look Out For (or Look away from)

I've been checking the 'net for some heat for the summer. Haven't really found much, I've officially retired from the dunk craze but I'll say that the Japan pack isn't bad (the first shoe is from the Japan pack which is a group of four kicks). Glad to see the zoom flight five making another comeback(Kidd's first signature shoes for those that don't know,(check my archives for some pics) in the Mavs color that should've been released in the first place. Be back with some more info on 23, ( Jordan not Carrey....).

'teef (Why didn't they release the OG white Cb34 color why these ??)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

NBA Playoffs Begin

Just finished finalizing that Paypal account that I've been working off and on. Will be up soon, as well as some stuff from my personal collection. (Once I get that site design down, as well as some sharp pics of the kicks, glad I got my spring break even though its kinda late). When the NBA season started I had ranked all the great players at their position, ( check my archives). I didn't put Chris Paul in my top five. Right Now he is the best point guard in the league, and the best playoff performer on the first day of the post season. I can't really see anyone better than him right now he can do it all, and no turnovers. I'm Looking forward to the games (especially the western conference, the east won't get too interesting until the second round). This is where you either win, or go home its as simple as that. The fire and desire show in the playoffs and with the west being so tight it will be even more desire. Who will break free ? Who will prove they are the champion? Who wants it more? Gotta watch and see. I'll be watching, will you?


(And of course there are some PE playoff kicks out there I will get some pics of some good ones as soon as I get enough for a post. Also, congrats to Indycar Driver Danica Patrick won her first race over in Japan).

Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Face of the Nets Franchise

Can Vince lead the Nets back to the finals?? Well not this year, but one thing I must say is the Nets do have a bright future. If they can get a legitimate low post scorer ( Jermaine O'neal, Elton Brand). They can make some noise next year as they get closer to Brooklyn. But before they get to Brooklyn they've got to go through Europe first. Remember the last time Vince saw competition over seas? He demolished a french man. The Nets will play preseason games next year in London and bien sur, Paris. Can you say "Deja vu" ? ( When I Find that Vince clip ill post it.... Incroyable').