Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stevenson puts the Rucker in trucker out in Indiana

I can't fathom how Lance Stevenson doesn't make the all-star team.. Joe Johnson is good but lance deserved it more.. Maybe they got the Brooklyn thing mixed up. As joe plays for Bklyn but Lance reps Brooklyn..  Maybe..As the Allstar break approaches, the kick game takes a step up.. I wanna try those Kobe masterpieces.. Though Nike I don't think they're made for basketball... Pacman could wear them.. Everywhere.. They are fresh hopefully I can snag a pair.. I will definitely have something... For sale.. There will be a lotta people watch mr. Despicable me himself announce the Allstars.. Hopefully the clipse will be his guests lord willing.. Lord willing7 is also my email.. Check the blog as I grow and progress.. This year things will shift from good to better.. I'm sure.. I'm as bout as sure as Lance Stevenson shoulda been an Allstar sure.. 

Guess who's balling in the pic? I'll give you a hint the person is black and famous (not Lawrence Fishburne folks.. He's the car guy.. and Samuel Jackson is the whats in your wallet guy)

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